Dexter Season 8 Guest Star Nick Gomez Spills Details About His Role

Few months back it was announced that Nick Gomez has landed a for Dexter season 8. Hypable spoke with him and has the scoop on a few more details regarding Javier Guzman. Read more after the jump, and beware of spoilers.

Gomez said, “Guzman, nicknamed ‘El Sapo’ (The Toad) is a contracted killer sent to tie up some ‘loose ends.’ It was interesting because in the script it said he was a short, fat and squarish character, hence his nickname. But that’s not really me so I had to come up with a different reasoning behind the name, and I found it in his voice.”

A contracted killer will be the role of Guzman in Dexter season 8, but we’re interested to find out who may have hired him, and this was a question that couldn’t be answered. We did ask Gomez, though, whether Guzman will last the majority of the season.

Gomez replied, “My mother always asks the same question when I get a new role. ‘Do you live?’ And I always say the same thing. ‘For a little while.’”

However, despite knowing that “El Sapo” may not last the entirety of the season, we do know that he’ll be sharing several scenes with Debra Morgan, starred by Jennifer Carpenter. Gomez was quiet on the nature of the scenes but definitely ruled out anything romantic.

Gomez noted, “First of all she [Carpenter] was so great to work with! So kind and approachable, and so engaging during or scenes together. Not sure what I can really reveal about the nature of our scenes together but let’s just say I don’t think our characters will be having a romantic dinner together anytime soon.”

However, Gomez did get one of the best experiences to date with the Dexter cast and crew. Gomez’s main episode was directed by Michael C. Hall, and he knows exactly how much of a privilege that was.

“Dexter was an amazing! Michael C. Hall directed my main episode and that was such an amazing experience! I was a huge fan of his since Six Feet Under. Talk about an actor’s director! Again, just like TWD, you really felt like you were on a winning team so all the cast and crew were really happy to be there and really enjoyed their jobs.”

But this looks set to be just the beginning for Gomez, who will no doubt land more roles throughout America’s biggest television shows with The Walking Dead and Dexter under his belt, we expect to see Gomez more on our screens very soon.

And on the journey so far, Gomez said, “It’s been amazing! To go from one hit show with a huge cult following to another has been such a door opener! I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now. I have a few different TV and film projects in various stages both as an actor and as a writer.”

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