Rewatching Dexter - 5.10 "In the Beginning", 5.11 "Hop a Freighter", 5.12 "The Big One"

Rewatching Dexter by DexterDaily. A look back at the past seasons of 'Dexter' and our favorite serial killer's victims. Today, we're going to remember the final three episodes from the fifth season: 5.10 "In the Beginning", 5.11 "Hop a Freighter", 5.12 "The Big One". Hit the 'read more' button for more!

Lt. Laguerta has decided to re-open the barrel girls murder case and assigns a reinstated Debra Morgan and Quinn to arrest Cole Harmon. Of course, they don't know that Dexter has already taken care of things. They do find that the men made videos of their attacks. Debra begins putting the pieces together and concludes there is a vigilante killer getting rid of the men who attacked and killed the women. From the blood in the small vial Jordan Chase wears around his neck, Dexter is able to track it to Emily Birch who, to his surprise, is still alive. She's not very cooperative however until Lumen visits her on her own. Emily identifies the fifth man as Alex Tilden and Dexter and Lumen make plans to eliminate him. They don't realize that someone has been watching them.

Dexter's victim: None

5.10 "In the Beginning": Original Air Date: November 28, 2010
Written By: Scott Reynolds
Directed By: Keith Gordon

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Dexter and Lumen are trying to figure out how to get Jordan Chase but he catches on to the fact they have been under video surveillance. He manages to trace the equipment back to Joey Quinn, not realizing that Stan Liddy is behind it all. He and Lumen burglarize Quinn's apartment and find some of the photos of them at the marina. Dexter learns soon enough just who is behind it. Debra meanwhile has pretty well figured out the case and tells her colleagues about her vigilante theory: that the killer is probably the 13th victim who escaped and that she is likely being helped by a man. Lt. Laguerta is dubious however. Jordan Chase has conveniently planned to go to Europe on a speaking tour but not before he lays a trap for Dexter and Lumen.

Dexter's victim:  Stan Liddy. Stabbed in self-defence.

5.11: "Hop a Freighter": Original Air Date: December 5, 2010
Teleplay By: Scott Buck and Tim Schlattmann
Directed By: John Dahl

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Season 5 Finale: Just as Dexter is about to set off find Jordan Chase, his entire family arrives having decided to travel down from Orlando to celebrate Harrison's birthday in Miami. Cody and Astor have something special to ask him. Having managed to extricate himself from any family obligations from the day, he arrives at the station to learn that Liddy's body has been found and the entire squad is assigned to working on the case. Things quickly deteriorate for Joey Quinn who is taken into custody after they find Liddy's phone and see that Quinn was frequently called on the day he died. Jordan Chase has not yet killed Lumen as he wants to trap Dexter as well and eliminate both of them. Dexter manages to trace Chase to his lair leading to the inevitable confrontation. In the end Dexter, Lumen and Debra will all have choices to make and not everyone will be happy or content with the choices they make.

Dexter's victim: None

5.12 "The Big One": Original Air Date: December 12, 2010
Written By: Chip Johannessen and Manny Coto
Directed By: Steve Shill

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