Michael C. Hall Spills Spoilery Details About the Final Season of Dexter

TV Guide Magazine talked with Michael C. Hall about the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter. He spilled some interesting spoilery details about Deb, Dr. Vogel and Hannah McKay. Skip the jump to read the short interview!

TV Guide Magazine: In Season 7's finale, Deb killed LaGuerta to keep the world from knowing how twisted the Morgan family is. Where do we pick up?
Hall: Things are strange. Deb left the police department, and she's not in a good place. Dexter feels a sense of responsibility for what happened and wants to make things right, but they're not exactly connecting.

TV Guide Magazine: Hannah escaped from custody. Will she and Dex hook up again?
Hall: I won't give it away, but Hannah has a significant role this season. She's dangerous and, admittedly, very attractive to Dexter.

TV Guide Magazine: Charlotte Rampling plays a neuropsychiatrist who specializes in serial killers. How much does she mess with Dexter's head?
Hall: In a big way. She has unique insights about who Dexter is. She's spent her life studying him, and those insights might just point us to the end.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of which, are you planning to take any souvenirs from the set?
Hall: I don't need more knives. I'm sure [I'll want] something. A severed arm? Probably not. We'll see.

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