Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast Review: Who's On The "Table"?

In case you've missed out on Showtime's NEW weekly Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast, hosted by sharp, witty Dexter writer Scott Reynolds... there's an easy way to remedy that situation! The Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast takes an in-depth look at each week's new episode - each podcast also just so happens to feature one of the phenomenal actors, actresses, or magic-makers from the show. They are free and available for streaming/download on iTunes, here:

Here's a quick rundown of the podcasts that have aired so far, and what's to come this week! 

1. Season 7, Episode 1 ("ARE YOU...?") Wrap-Up: Featuring Jennifer Carpenter
2. Season 7, Episode 2 ("SUNSHINE/FROSTY SWIRL") Wrap-Up: Featuring James Remar.
3. Season 7, Episode 3 ("BUCK THE SYSTEM") Wrap-Up: Featuring C.S. Lee
4. Season 7, Episode 4 ("RUN") Wrap-Up: Featuring David Zayas
5. Season 7, Episode 5 ("SWIM DEEP") Wrap-Up: Featuring Daniel Licht
6. Season 7, Episode 6 ("DO THE WRONG THING") Wrap-Up: Featuring Yvonne Strahovski

This week's podcast for "Chemistry" features Louis Cioffi, "award winning editor extraordinaire" of the Dexter crew! 

Also, the stunning Ray Stevenson will be appearing on an upcoming podcast. According to a tweet from Scott Reynolds, he totally "KILLS it." Scott assures us all that we "are going to love it." Give the Wrap-Up a listen and check out what who's visited the "table" and what they've had to say! 

The Wrap-Up ALSO answers fan questions about the show! If you'd like to have your questions and/or concerns about what's going on and what's to come addressed, make a wall post at OR drop a tweet at - they just might pick your pressing need-to-know! 

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