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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dexter Comic Series by Marvel Pushed Until 2013

Looks like will have to wait till 2013 for Marvel Dexter comic series. Via: Last year, Marvel excitedly announced that Jeff Lindsay, creator of the Dexter, would write a comic series set in the same world as his novels. The series was originally set to begin October 2012. Since the announcement, we haven’t seen a single piece of preview art or any details on the series so it’s not much of a shock that the publisher is now pushing the series for a 2013 date.

It’s a mystery as to what Dexter will look like or where the plot will take off, and we won’t find out until early 2013.

Jeff Lindsay is also the man responsible for turning it into the successful Showtime TV series, and it’s a rarity that he will be writing the comics as well. This provides a great opportunity for fans of the TV series to jump into a comic that promises quality, and which stays true to the creators vision. It seems the series will lend itself more to the novels than the TV series. Stay tuned for previews…whenever that may be.

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