Dexter Actress Aimee Garcia Reveals Her Set Nickname & Comments On Season 7 Filming

TOP: Actress Aimee Garcia (Jaime Batista) posing for a shoot. 
BOTTOM: Michael C. Hall and Aimee Garcia filming Episode 8, "Argentina" of Dexter, Season 7. 

Dexter actress Aimee Garcia (who plays Angel Batista's ray-of-sunshine little sister and Harrison's nanny, Jaime Batista) has been active in Twitter-land today! Responding to Tweets of various fans (including myself!), she comments on the progress of Season 7 filming and how much she has been enjoying the fast-moving ride. 

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To a fan who inquired of what it's like working with the one and only Yvonne Strahovski (who departs from her Chuck roots to play the enticingly-mysterious Hannah McKay in the upcoming season), Aimee says that she is "THE BEST!!". We're excited to see what kind of madness she's going to bring to the table! From what we've learned so far -- (spoiler) -- Hannah comes to help Miami PD on a new case, having emerged from a dark past involving a boyfriend and a killing spree... 

Another fan asks if Season 7 really is THE one to watch... from the looks of things, Aimee's giving a confident yes! We can only expect good things when the actors behind the magic are so supportive of what's going down. Even Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have been declaring their full-fledged favoritism, with Michael C. Hall having said at the Dexter Comic-Con panel that Season 7 is the best, "...'cause that's all there is, baby." 

Finally, Aimee replies to my Tweet: "Aimee/Jaime!! So ready to see your oh-so-charming self on the big screen again! When does filming wrap up?" Apparently Aimee Jaime is the name she's called on set! What a sweet surprise. And filming will be wrapping up soon, as episode 10 is currently in production.

Any theories on how Aimee's character will be impacted this upcoming season? What will become of her and Louis' rocky little relationship? How much will she become caught up in the tension between Dexter and Debra? Leave your thoughts below! 

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