PHOTOS: Aimee Garcia Arrives at the Sunset Marquis Hotel In Hollywood

Aimee Garcia at The Songbirds "Miss Me" Album Release Party Hosted by Elle Magazine and Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland at Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca on August 9. See one more photo and a video, after the jump...

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  1. Why is the second photo the same as the first with the dude photoshopped out of it?

  2. It's not look closer at the lady and the light.

  3. Uggggggggh. She has thunder thighs. Gross

    1. Gross?? You must like bones.
      Thunder thighs, One of the most tasteful images possible is a woman of such build.

    2. stfu fattie lover.

      And i like skinny girls btw.

  4. Uh if she has thunder things i have Sausage Thighs... She is beautiful but looks like a young Anne Curry..?

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