Latest From Ask Ausiello - Small Scoop On Louis Greene

TVLine's Michael Ausiello gives out some Season 7 info on Louis Greene (Josh Cooke). Read more after the jump...

Is Josh Cooke returning to Dexter this season? —Chrissy
Ausiello: Yep, although I’m not sure how long he’ll be sticking around. His tech wiz comes perilously close to activating Dex’s dark passenger in the premiere. 

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  1. will dex found time to think in kill someone in the s premiere?
    make more sense dex think in "run " survive,,,
    dex discover, and the think in kill loius?

    1. Dex will find time to think, Louise shows he knows to much, killing him would be thinking of surviving, why run? He is going to run for two seasons? No! Of course he will kill Louise, they have to get rid of him anyway, another person taking up space, they need to get rid of people so they can concentrate on writing a good story for the central characters because this show is ending.... run? What are you thinking? That is how you get caught, remember tag your it? Jeez... they tell you and they show you and you don't believe it? What more do you want?

  2. deb discover and dex think in feed the dark passenger?

  3. Enough with the small scoops. TRAILER! NOW!

  4. yes Trailler Now Trailler NOW

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  6. i need spoilers,,,today = anyone spoiler

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