Dexter Season 7 References In the Latest 'Early Cuts: All In the Family'

We've still got over a month until Dexter returns to Showtime to face the fallout of last season's shocking cliffhanger. The network released yesterday, the second chapter of Dexter Early Cuts Season 3, which is titled 'All In the Family'. Hit the 'read more' button to see some interesting Season 7 subtle references in the new Early Cuts.

Read the following [via] only if you read up about the plot of the seventh season.

"First things first, we find it interesting that Dexter (in this look back at his early days as a killer) references a target who works at an airport. (He is going to visit the airport for some reason in the September 30 premiere.) In addition to that, he also references how James Doakes is onto him — something that is going to be significant yet again as LaGuerta finds a blood slide that may give her an opportunity to exonerate her late friend.

Finally, there is a victim here that has an interesting connection of its own to the upcoming season — she works as a “lady of the night.” We know that working at a strip club does not necessary equal prostitution, but these particular establishments are going to be key to one of the primary storylines coming up that features Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick in key roles. (Yvonne Strahovski is also going to be stopping by for multiple episodes, but it’s a bit more unclear as to whether or not she will be tied to the case at the gentleman’s clubs in any way.)"

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