Latest From Ask Ausiello - Episode 7.06 Scoop

Latest from's Michael Ausiello. Read after the jump a new interesting Season 7 spoiler, this time for episode 7.06 which will be called, "Do the Wrong Thing"...

Question: Any new news on Dexter’s upcoming season? —Pete
Ausiello: As if our favorite butcher didn’t already have enough on his plate, now he’s got to deal with Jason Price, an investigative author of books about murders. The charming Mr. Price will first appear in the sixth episode of the upcoming season.
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  1. Hmmm, I hope they aren't going to have too many plot strands going at the same time. So far we have:

    -Deb coming to terms with what she saw, and learning about who Dexter really is
    -The Russian Mob
    -Louis the creepy intern
    and now something about an investigative author.

    I hope S7 doesn't lose focus.

    1. I'm hoping the Russian Mob thing is just something to keep the other Characters involved and Dexter doesn't mess with it.

      The Louis angle is the one that has the most intrigue to me. I hope that materializes into something big and not something minuscule and dumb.

    2. All these characters can fit an arc though. If you think about season 1 - and if it was like this, where we would be hearing about characters we would have:

      A drug kingpin that orders an execution on a cop and his wife
      A thug who carried out the deed
      A murderous teenage slasher that Dexter tries to connect with
      Crazy taxidermy guy (Neil Perry)who might be the ITK
      Kidnapped Security Guard (Tucci) who might be the ITK
      Deb's boyfriend Rudy
      Rita's ex-husband drug addict
      A pair of coyotes that play into Rita's and Dexter's life
      A little Cuban boy who witnesses a Dexter kill
      A Haitian terrorist guilty of war crimes

      All of these elements of course, were woven together in a way that nobody could predict. Some carried on for multiple arcs, some were one offs that tied into multi-arc stories! :) Remember, quite a bit happens in each Dexter episode! This is not network TV.


    3. Jason Price doesn't have to be part of an overall arc. He could be a one or two episode character. After all, we saw dex wheeling another body away.
      I'm still hoping the show maintains it's episodic cases like the Tooth fairy, etc. I remember Season 1 "Crocodile" dealing with the Ice Truck Killer, ganglord Carlos Guerrero and Dexter's personal prey, Matt Chambers. The show's all the richer for it.

    4. Every time i watch season 1 i'm surprised how many side plots there are and how little time is spent on the main story. But somehow it all works out...

      Season 1 was about Dexter finding out who he is, season 7 is about Debra finding out who Dexter is.
      Actually a complex story with lots of side plots might even be better for that than one big bad.

  2. Doakes is dead and everybody thinks he's a seral killer, Liddy is dead, Quinn almost would have spent the rest of his life in prison for killing Liddy.

    Maybe that author should write about something else ;)

    1. "Maybe that author should write about something else ;)"

      Not to mention the fact that your average killer antagonist is no match even for a tied-up Dexter, what about investigative ink-slingers? In the interest of fair play, Dexter will have to confront him while wearing a blindfold!

    2. The problem for Dexter will be that he cannot just kill him (on the other hand: Dex was willing to give Quinn the neddle before he was tasered by Liddy).

  3. ...i want to find something to excite me about this.... but there seems to be nothing.

    1. Lol! Ausiello's "scoops" usually make one feel this way. :D

  4. They have changed his name to Ethan Price already, but handsome as promised! go.html

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