A True Bloody Story - Jeff Lindsay Interview [VIDEO]

Hit the jump below to watch a new interview of Dexter author, Jeff Lindsay by Centurion Agency. He talks about Dexter's story, his future and more...

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  1. Yes, Mr. Lindsay is correct. There is something wrong with me. I must say however, the thing that is wrong with me kinda tickles me.

  2. The idea that there could be a serial killer that Only kills murderers IS appealing - it makes you feel safe, there is someone protecting you from the monstrous bad guys that walk amongst us everyday. Dexter the avenging angel.

    1. The author is definitely letting his own personal beliefs show. He was pretty hard on Dexter in the last book, in fact, he has been hard on both Dexter and Debra in the past few books, making them more and more unlikeable.

      The guy is a really smart cookie, but he also comes from a certain pedigree and I think he is part ashamed of his creation. At least he always comes off that way, but I love his writing. He makes me laugh. The Dexter books are flat out funny as hell.

      There is also this dilemma: There definitely is a part of the audience that has a conservative/reactionary viewpoint of Dexter - ie he is doing society a favor, and that he is a sort of vigilante good guy.

      However: I am pretty sure that the author and the Hollywood writers on the show, all of whom are a bit left of center, find a fair amount of disgust in the whole idea. Since season 4 and book 4, Dexter Morgan has been consistently under attack by his own writers and creators and has been getting "punished" as a result. This has become more profound since the Hollywood community has started speaking out against the show. The creator of "The Wire", for example, dressed the show down pretty good, therefore disqualifying it from ever winning an Emmy for best Drama in it's current state. You have to understand, Hollywood is like one big giant high school! You don't get votes unless you are part of the click.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that this rift between the writers/producers who are going to try to fall in line to please their peers, and the fans, especially the "Dexter as hero vigilante" segment of the audience (which almost seems like the majority) is going to widen, and that ultimately those fans are going to be very very unhappy with the way this series ends.

      From my perspective, I have never had a dog in either hunt. I neither accept the hero vigilante premise, nor do I find it completely invalid either. I don't think art is about politics or moral judgements, which is why I am so in favor of the Dex/Deb relationship. I think art is it's own thing and needs to be free of politics and even the morality of it's own creators. I want stories about the characters, with no agenda, and no need to either reward or punish Dexter based on what people here in this "real" world believe. Dexterland is Dexterland... it's a fantasy world completely set apart, where murder and mayhem is acceptable and even a little bit funny, and "even the most grotesque killings look staged" - well, because they are!


  3. I think what he was saying is that there is something wrong with EVERYONE, even himself. If you call yourself a DEXTER fan, then you should know who his creator is. DEXTER belongs to Jeff Lindsay; it was just his gift to the world.

  4. Did I hear him say 'Dexter porn movies'?

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