Latest From Watch With Kristin - Dexter Season 7 Casting Scoop

Latest from E!Online's watch with Kristin. Hit the jump below to read another casting scoop about the seventh season of Dexter...

Dexter! Got scoop for me?
You need to know that Dexter is casting a recurring guest star to play a physically imposing blue-collar guy who has a history of violent behavior. Bring on Jason Statham!

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  1. Mr. Statham is probably a bit out of the budget range for a recurring guest role.

    Also, wasn't this scooped, in fact, on this very site a few days ago? Kristin is a little late to the party!


  2. Never heard about it until now.

  3. Go to the onlocationvacations website they got new scoop and pics of filming season 7

  4. The only way I would want to see Jason Statham on Dexter is a very quick one episode arc were he ends up on Dexter's table and then gets sliced. The End.

    1. Yeah and he should wear the speedo he used to wear before his "acting career".

  5. The Dexter series is getting more exciting by each episode released. I can't wait to see who will be having a guest appearance for the show. Thanks for posting.

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