Dexter Season 6 DVD & Blu-Ray - Official Release Date For US and Australia

As we first announced here few months ago, the official release date of DVD and Blu-Ray's of the sixth season of Dexter, is on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Also according to SpoilerTV the DVD's of Season 6 will be released in Australia two months earlier, on June 20. You can pre-order them from by clicking here and here.

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  1. All blue ray or DVD season have audio in spanish
    Or subtlites !! Or only have english content!!

  2. Season 5 ain't even released here yet. -_-

  3. i have a question to 06x12, the scene where dexter, his son and travis were on the roof of the building - how could dexter leave the building with his little son and travis's dead body without any notice? i don't like such unrealistic/too much improbable elements in dexter show if they are not adequate explained:)
    and i also don't fully get why debra went to the church in the end.. what she expected there?
    (sorry for my weak english)

    1. Another explanation could be that there may have been a parking structure under the building and Dexter took the elevator all the way down. He then could have put Travis in the SUV without much trouble. Anyway, you are absolutely right about it seeming unrealistic, when they leave the viewers so much to resolve on our own like that.

      Debra told Dexter to do one last evidence sweep at the church. Her whole reasoning for doing so was to get Dexter alone so she could talk to him. Dexter just had a massively dumb moment when he chose to use the church for his kill room. Dexter's ego got in the way of him being careful, because he felt like he HAD to kill Travis in the church. That's how I interpreted it, anyway.

    2. Debra went to the church to tell Dexter about her feelings for him (she knew that he'll be there since she sent him there before that day).
      And about escaping from the building... This has never really been answered, but my personal opinion is that Dexter just was lucky... I mean, his recklessness was quite understandable, mainly because of the involvement of Harrison - we have seen before that Dexter truly loves his son and behaves quite "human" when he's with him...
      Besides, the reason why Dexter is kind of careless few times during the season is (in my opinion) the fact that Dexter's facing crushing of his own moral system (most noticeable at the road trip with Brian). He doesn't know what to believe anymore, what's right, what's wrong, what to do... He even thinks about God! Even thought at the beginning he says how fine is he now, he was actually nowhere close to "fine" this season... Which is again kinda understandable after all he's been through - finding his son in the pool of Rita's blood, getting someone who he practically loved, only to lose her again... And now Travis kidnaps his son with prospect of killing him... Wouldn't you be a little bit less "cold-thinking" at the moment if you were him? :)

    3. Anon at 2:25

      I am not directing this at you specifically, but in general, and for all the other fans who don't understand these things - because it is time to get educated about this show.

      In season 1, how did Brian watch Dexter by boat without being seen, don scuba gear, find just the right body out of 60 some bags, get the body in his boat without being seen, drive through rush hour Miami traffic with a woman's sea-soaked body, and deposit it in the junk yard easy as pie?

      Why in Season 2, with a full blown crisis, and a copycat vigilante on their hands, did neither the Miami PD or the FBI have someone staking out the copycat.

      Why... oh screw it.

      MCH has said several times... Dexter has #1 A Magic Clown Bag with a metric ton of plastic wrap. #2 The Power of Invisibility, #3 The ability to fly and so on.

      Why? Because Dexter is a fantasy show, it's not meant to be real or plausible, they don't try to show you ways to actually kill people and get away with it. The fantasy and implausibility of the show has always been DELIBERATE.

      Do you understand? It's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE REAL. It's not even supposed to be plausible in any way, shape or form. The entire show is a metaphor.

      It's not about a realistic portrayal of a serial killer. And this is what the fans at large NEED to understand. Dexter is all of us, - all his issues are exaggerations of what each of us feel as human beings most of the time. We all have our Dark Passengers, we all struggle to fit in - that's why the show is so powerful, it's a universal "myth". Dexter's Dark Passenger represents that thing in all of us that takes over our lives - whether it be alcoholism, or overeating, or gambling, or materialism, et. anything that is harmful in our lives that we "need" to do and can't resist doing.

      Nothing about this show is supposed to be "realistic". It's a myth, a fable, a fantasy, a dark "grimm" fairy tale.

      All the bad guys, the killings they commit, are all "themes".

      The Ice Truck Killer was killing his "mother" over and over. Season 1 of Dexter was the origin story, Dexter was trying to remember his mother, trying to connect to a woman (Rita) that reminded him of his mother, et.

      Season 4 was about family, Dexter trying to be that man for his family, and dealing with a killer that was killing his family over and over and over again. Trinity had 3 children, Dexter had 3 children. Trinity had an older sister he was in love with and caused the accident because he was trying to see her naked... this dovetails with the ongoing theme of the subconscious feelings Dexter and Deb share throughout the series.

      The THEMES are all there people. STOP paying attention to and dwelling on the unimportant stuff.

      People get on here or other forums and call themselves "dexperts" and "dexophiles" and yet they have no clue what they are watching.

    4. thank you for your answers especially anonym 2:07.. yes i know there were many such disputable things (the magic bag is classic:)), i just couldn't remember at them:). and you are right, realism is not the primary thing there, but still, I really like realism, I can't help myself:) I don't need any 'manual how to kill' or something, but some things should be adequate explained and argued. if dexter show would be pure unreal fantasy, it wouldn't be so good (I hope you know how I mean that:)).

    5. 3:24

      I know exactly what you mean. Obviously, if Dexter suddenly became bulletproof - and a bad guy shot him, and the bullet bounced off him, the "fantasy" would be broken because it would be an obvious "huh?"

      But the show has always "cut" scenes and has never in its history, tried to explain how Dexter got from point "A" to point "B" - so things like getting Harrison and Travis off the solar skyscraper, blazing back and forth to the cabin where he held Doakes, or zooming across Miami to stalk Trinity, well, I just accept those out of hand.

      As any show gets older, things get more obvious because we become more "used" to the formula. Which is why it was "bad" for the show that it kept Deb from finding out for so long, because it became a "gimmick" and a "hook" that flew in the face of character development.

      And part of that is that fans develop certain expectations and demand so many gimmicks. Then they whine and whine and bitch and whine when they get bored of the gimmicks, but they can't just accept that they are bored of the gimmicks, they want to blame it on other things!

      It's like idiots who play World of Warcraft all day long and whine and whine and whine about the rules of the game, and the pointless grind, and how much time it takes to get gear that nobody else has... well, nobody else has that gear because you want it to be rare so YOU can be special, so they design the game so you have to piss away your entire life to get the stuff, therefore only people willing to piss their lives away can have it, which is what players want, and what players whine about constantly!

      This is the rule of society: What people want, is what they get, is what they cry about, because NOBODY can be satisfied by external things.

      If they stopped worrying about what they THINK they want, and just experienced and enjoyed an earnest attempt to tell a story, this show, and everything else in life that makes them so unhappy, would be more enjoyable.

      It's always best to step outside the box and see things for what they are.

    6. Anonymous 2:07 - I like your explanation :) And you're right, there is a lot more about Dexter than the things we can see... Just as you said - we sometimes tend to forget/overlook them :)

    7. Anonym 4:27 you are probably right.. I didn't look at it in this (almost philosophic) angle..:)

    8. 5:23

      The thing that really hit home for me is that so many people were complaining that there weren't as many "kills" in season 6 as previous seasons. And then one of the posters here (Nicholas) recapped the kills and showed that there were in fact, "more" than previous seasons.

      So fans were getting more of the thing they supposedly 'wanted', and appreciating it so little, that they had come to believe they were getting 'less'.

      Which proves that you can't please the audience at large by giving them what they think they want. You must let the characters tell the story.

    9. Yes, that was me alright...about pointing out that season 6 had the most amount of kills. I'm one of those minority fans who think it was too many. I think 5-6 kills is plenty and let's face it, extending the time between each kill actually makes you appreciate them more. Also, with less kills, each of them would, by default, have to be longer. Right behind season 6 in number of kills is season 3, and I think they balanced everything well, so it didn't feel gratuitous. What is interesting, is that season 4 has the least amount of kills, yet so many people consider it their favorite season.

      I agree with the poster who said that some fans aren't sure what they want from the show. For that reason, the writers have to just do things how they want. You can't satisfy everyone and I think that they (the writers) understand that. It limits the creative process to only try to cater to the fans. I fully believe that they are doing the best they can each season. That's all any of us can really ask for.

  4. I dunno, dexter just took him down the elevator shaft and probably "weekend at bernies"-ed him to his car. As for Deb going to the church, she was either going to double-check any clues dexter may have missed, or she was going to the church to face her psychological insecurites considering she practically had a season 1 "dexter falling in blood" type of moment in a previous episode concerning the place.

  5. Actually, the show has always had these kinds of jumps in logic. But the drama used to be so powerful before that we didn't notice how improbable things were.
    Remember the Season 1 finale when Dexter managed to carry Rudy into his own giant freezer? I mean Rudy had just been discovered as the Ice Truck Killer. As far as Miami PD was concerned ITK was still on the loose! And his place had just been forensically swept by Miami PD. Yet Dexter managed to carry Rudy past what must have been a police ticker tape around Rudy's home as well as at least one cop on duty.
    But did we give a f**k? No. That's because it was electrifying drama back then. Not anymore. The drama has been so contrived and uninspired in Season 6 that we had all the time in the world to notice every flaw.

  6. I agree about not needing to be so nitpicky over the occasional jumps in logic that are not as important to focus on compared to the drama, message or theme we are supposed to be getting in place of it. I'm also never one of those weird mainstream fans who get worked up over a silly kill count. However, I don't believe we should rule out the realistic qualities that help ground this show in order to make the more "fantasy" moments have it's enjoyable payoff. Remember when the FBI found Dexter's slides and there was so much built-up tension, but then all of a sudden the blame was all on doakes. That was such a convenient outcome, but it was EARNED because it was like a cool comic book moment that relieved itself from a very grounded, tense premise that made absolute sense.

    It was just really great writing, and proved the show can achieve such a quality moment with it's established fantasy-like story-telling. All I'm saying though is, just because it's meant to not be 100% realistic, doesn't give the show the excuse to do whatever it wants without being vulnerable to critical thought. There are still general rules the show must follow based on what it's already established for itself and we shouldn't have to turn our brains off in order to enjoy the show. I'm not saying the show is terrible now, because honestly I find most criticisms to be mostly nitpicks, but I do admit that there are many aspects to Dexter that could be executed alot better.

    1. Agreed. Well put.

      There are so many tv show out there for audiences to choose from, competition is fierce. If you are asking people to dedicate their valuable time to tuning into your show, out of respect for the audience, the show needs to be tight and, at the very least, not sloppy. If an audience starts to feel they can no longer suspend their disbelief, you are in trouble. That's the dangerous tightrope that a show like Dexter walks every season.

      Whether you think season 6 managed that tightrope or not is merely opinion. The fact that some people found it hard to ignore/accept certain unreleastic/fantastical elements in season six suggests that the framework around those elements and the execution was maybe not as strong as previous seasons.

      Any dates for a UK release? I know season 6 has not finished airing in the Uk yet so...

    2. 5:39

      Dexter had three really "awesome" writers who are responsible for most of the greatness of the show. Scott Buck, Lauren Gussis, and Melissa Rosenberg. Scott and Lauren have always been focused on the character moments, Deb and Dex's relationship, and the psychological/philosophical aspects of the show.

      Melissa Rosenberg was given all the suspense/tension moments of the show - the writers who have replaced her are just not on her level. It is not THEIR fault. Nobody can do that shit like Melissa... which is why she moved on to big budget movies.

      She was never a great character writer on the show, but she is one of the best in the entire industry at making stupid stuff seem plausible. The fact that she can somehow manage the ridiculous Twilight material and make it nearly digestible is testament to that.

      Most fans just don't get that, and ironically they are whining at Buck - not realizing if they lost him or Gussis the show would be dead for all time. Just like Melissa, these two writers are IRREPLACEABLE. Just look at the episodes they have contributed!

      What they see is a show that is operating with one of it's cylinders missing - and the typical shithead response, rather than just deal with it and allow the newer writers to get better (new writers generally improve over time) is "Oh lets take away MORE cylinders and that will make it better!!!!"

      Yes, Season 6 (and 5 for that matter) really missed Melissa, but the character stuff was as great as it ever was, and the writers that are handling the Dex/Deb thing are the SAME writers that have been handling all the good Dex/Deb stuff since the 1st and 2nd season.

      I think this season of Dexter vs the Mob will go easier, because it should be less of a challenge to write gangsters than it is to write a religious serial killer - Travis/Gellar was a noble idea, but it was a ridiculously hard concept to pull off. They almost nailed it, but not quite.

      I am not going to ever browbeat a show for shooting for the stars and missing by a hair.

      As far as competition - there really is nothing out there on this level, aside from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Ironically those two shows are so great because the writers are "fearless".

      If Dexter were being run by those producers, they would have not cared about fan reactions at all - and Dexter and Deb would have kissed/had sex in the big "I love you" scene in the kitchen, and THEN she would have found out later that night.

      And then all the shortcomings of the show this season would have been completely obliterated by the even bigger HOLY HELL! collective gasp, and there would be no ridiculous arguing over the morality and not-incest of the most key storyline of the whole show and this scary proposition that it turns into a fucking Castle/Bones unrequited "will they/won't they" "should/shouldn't" bit of nonsense in season 7.

      Real quality shows don't do that shit. When something is well written, and you are dealing with characters are attracted to each other, they don't pine after one another for extended periods of time, they fuck - and then deal with the consequences/aftermath of how it alters their relationship. Because THAT is how it works, and THAT is excellent drama.

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