Dexter - Episode 7.03 "Buck the System" - First Casting Call

Hit the jump below to read the first casting call of the third episode of season 7, which will be called "Buck the System"...

[RAY SPELTZER] 30, 6'-6'4", physically heavily worked out/muscled and intimidating, a powerhouse of a guy. He is a blue-collar guy who has a history of violent behavior. NOTE: Actor must shave his head halfway thru the ep. RECURRING GUEST LEAD (2 ep arc)

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  1. One word : Victim.

  2. OMG, this sounds like the hammer killer from the 6th book "Double Dexter". ;)

  3. 8:05 I hope not. I like the books, I like "Double Dexter", but in the books Debra knows and protects Dex's secret - it would ruin the so far great TV series if she'd protect his sercet throughout the two whole remaining Seasons of the show.

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