Dexter - Episode 7.03 "Buck the System" - Details

Check out some more details about the third episode of the seventh which will be called, "Buck the System". The episode begins shooting on June 15, it is written by Jace Richdale (6.06 "Just Let Go") and directed by Stefan Schwartz. "Buck the System" officially airs on October 14, 2012.

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  1. Who is the Chinese fellow in this picture

    1. Is he a new character for season 7

    2. if you dont know who Masuka is, then you need to go back and watch seasons 1-6.

    3. you are kidding... he is vince masuka... japanese btw

    4. Character is Japanese, but the actor is Korean...

      In any case.

      It is by now, clearly established that many fans often just skip through episodes, or just watch bits and pieces on the internet and post about the show anyway.

      The three dumb internet repeats/myths about this show:

      1. There was never anything outside of a "sibling" relationship between Deb & Dex previous to season 6.

      2. Dexter is Harry's bio son, making Deb&Dex half siblings.

      3. Dexter killed Rita.

      We practically need a Dexter FAQ to get people up to speed.

      Though it's hard to believe we actually need to explain who Vince Masuka is!!!!


  2. @ Benjamin: it's Masuka

    @ Anunymous: Seriously?

  3. I am serious. I just never seen him before I thought I seen all the seasons but I don recognize that Japanese fellow

  4. It's actually Harry with a Masuka costume on lol

  5. Again if u don't know who Masuka is. U need to rewatch seasons 1-6.

  6. I would just like to say Marto is a complete tool and is utterly useless

  7. I'll definitely look forward to that. Jace Richdale wrote the best episode of season 6, as far as I'm concerned.

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