POLL: What Did You Think of Brian Moser's Return In Season 6?

For a lot of Dexter fans, Ice Truck Killer's return on the show was a huge surprise. What did you think of the whole presence of Brian in season 6? Vote below and tell us your opinion in the comment section!

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  1. For me, "Nebraska" was the best episode
    of the Season because of Brian's return.

  2. i agree with mr : anonymous
    it was the best scenes in the season
    and i like brian a lot
    i just wish if he escaped in the first season

  3. I wonder of Dexter is ever going to meet any of his mom or dad's relatives. Could be that his dad had a brother Dex didn't know about comes callin' for his old drill or lawnmower.

  4. I liked that episode a lot. It really was effective in showing how important the code is to Dex, and what he could be if he let it all fall apart.

  5. I liked his return at the end of "Just Let Go," but "Nebraska" was pointless to me. It's one of those episodes that is dependent completely on one's preferences. Personally, I think it was one of the worst episodes, while other's think it was one of the best. It's like Brian was there just to be quoted. The episode might have been more enjoyable to me if Brain and Dexter had a conversation about Dexter killing him. It would have been interesting to see Dexter consider if he made the right choice or not. There was some of that, but not nearly enough. Another issue I have with "Nebraska" was that it was supposed to be an episode to cover loose ends, but it just created more. Dexter should have killed Jonah and then felt guilt for it after. It would have made more sense for Dexter to finally reject his brother, if his influence caused him to kill such a young man like Jonah.

  6. Christian Camargo is so Hot! Glad to see him back on Dexter.

  7. The season never recovered from this detour. They had a strong emotional momentum going after Brother Sam's death and Nicky's brutal murder. Immediate guilt and remorse at not keeping Bro Sam's word would have made sense of Dexter's ridiculous errors (regarding Travis) later on. Instead we were taken on this fun ride with Rudy. All those droning voice overs about Brother Sam in Eps 8 & 9 had no conviction after that. It felt like contrived lip service. The character and plot arc has been as ridiculous asDexter's dull voice overs in the 2nd half of Season 6.
    In isolation, Ep 7 had a lot of fun moments. Rudy, Dex and Jonah were great.

  8. 9:28

    The point is that Dexter lost faith, he rejected faith and nearly plummeted all the way off the edge. He did return to Harry's code, but that was it, the rest was all empty for him. He is lost and drifting, devoid of any spark of human intuition... and yes devoid of any "conviction". There is no more humor, or joy, or desire to be "human" his monologue is flat because that reflects his emotional state. He is exhausted and lost. He is surrendering to his Dark Passenger in the latter half of the season but then THAT TOO fails him. As he is talking to Travis on the kill table, Dexter Morgan is all but gone. Watch his taunting conversation, there is no acknowledgement of "I know I am a monster but I WANT to be better." That is what Dexter told Trinity, that has been Dexter's mantra the entire time. But now it's gone. He has given up on trying to be better, he is accepting that maybe he is "supposed to be" this way. Talk about defeated! He is not even thinking clearly, but making mistake after mistake.

    Killing Travis in the church where Debra was sure to find him, was the last spark of light in Dexter grasping at something before he goes out completely. He needs her, she is all that he has left.

    I am not sure I would have taken this path as a writer, but it is an option that I respect. Personally, I prefer the direction the books have taken. Dexter becoming more and more human, more likeable, more loving with his family, closer and closer to Debra - to the point of sharing even his inner monologues with her. And at the end of book 6, when Debra say's "We won." Dexter is downright giddy, because it's "we" now. He's no longer alone with his darkness. I kinda like that.

    Don't care what fans are whining about. You just can't.

    Dexter has a big time schizo audience, you get the 75 year old ex cop, the 65 year old artist, the 16 year old goth kid, the 25 year old basement dwelling slacker guy, the 40 year old housewife who has a MCH fetish, and so on. So the writers have to stay disciplined and tune us out. Otherwise they are totally screwed.

    And for anyone who is still whining about the brilliance of Clyde Phillips? Cut it out. The bastard made a mess, completely destroyed the formula of the show - pissed off half the fanbase in order to make a big "sensational splash" then dumped the sorting it out on his coworkers and ran away.

    Season 6 was pretty good, I'll take it and move forward. The Deb and Dex stuff alone made the whole season brilliant IMO, especially because it pissed off the puritans.

    I hope they do the Deb and Dex thing as a catalyst for Quinn going bad. I like the actor who plays Quinn a lot, but I have always HATED Quinn so I think he would be a great villain. You know, Deb and Dex hook up so he goes over the edge into jealousy and spins out of control and becomes worse than Doakes ever was.


  9. Wasted...Just watch his similar ghost like appearence in Waiting to Exhale in the second season... Incomparable...

  10. Just glad to see him back. As the poster above notes, Camargo is hot.

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