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Latest from TVLine's Michael Ausiello. Hit the jump below to read some spoilers about the season 7 premiere of Dexter, 7.01 "Are You....?"...

Question: Please, any Dexter Season 7 spoilers to help with the long wait? —Andr├ęs
Ausiello: OK, but you might not like what I have to tell you: The show is recasting not only Deb but Dexter, too. Did I scare you for even a second? No? Ah, well. Off day. Anyway, what the show is actually doing is casting those characters, presumably for one-off flashbacks, as kids. The bigger news — how’s that for burying the lead? — is that Miami Metro Homicide is getting a new cop: Det. Angie Miller, a no-BS African-American divorcee with two kids. (Speaking of Dexter S7, did you see this?!)

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  1. Oh Boy! They are going to bring in new characters. Nice time for spoilers like this.

  2. New Character are actually welcome.

  3. Yeh, like, totally.

  4. GellarInTheCellarMay 1, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    Straight from the Writer's Room. Your Welcome :P

    701 Are You...?
    702 Publicity
    703 Spark Of Ingenious
    704 Reflex Point
    705 Laugh Of Familiarity
    706 She's Always Been The One
    707 Copycat
    708 Dead Center
    709 Two And Two Together
    710 The Baggage
    711 Crashing Up
    712 Case Re-Opened
    713 Vibrant Paths To Nowhere

    1. There are only twelve episodes in syndicated television show seasons. Is this really from the writer's room? Not that I would mind some of the spoilers that some of these 'episodes' would hint at. 'She's always been the one'--probably having to with Deb/Dex and 'Copycat' likely being Louis, or maybe that Hannah person they were talking about.

    2. GellarInTheCellarMay 8, 2012 at 2:55 PM

      Ah, good point

      Possibly the head writers have laid out theirs plan and my guess is that they have just About every episode nearing completion in terms of filming. I was completly drawn to the episode title, "Copycat" as Louis becoming known to Dexter. Who knows at this point but the writers. They could have wrote 12 episodes, and the 13th could be other directions the story sould have gone and just edited in all of their footage into the 12 episodes. I really hope this isn't fake/a joke, if it is, it'll teach me to keep my mouth shut :)

    3. Oh look, he was wrong. Straight From The Writer's Room my ass.

  5. GellarInTheCellarMay 1, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    And Just A Prediction (Not That It Means Anything)

    801 Wreckage
    802 Trapped Beneath The Stone
    803 Nevermore.
    804 Tremble Clef
    805 Like Demons Haunting Me
    806 Run Dexter Run
    807 Nightlife
    808 Meant To Be
    809 Louis
    810 Female Disguise
    811 Deader
    812 Finished Work
    813 The Bay Harbor Butcher Strikes Again!

  6. "Are you...?" as in "Are you a more realistic Miami version of Batman?".

    1. It's simple, we kill Louis Greene

      "It's Simple, we kill the Batman" -Joker (RIP)

  7. Harrison is out early on this season, and Hannah steps in to help Dexter through these dark times. Debra becomes jealous. She follows in Miguel Prado's footsteps and plans to kill Hannah. During this whole side plot, we have Vince becoming less and less funny and not showing up for work. Not to mention the Russians who have come over to Miami in search of Debra who, according to them, owes Anton her life. Also to make it even more hectic, Louis Green steps into the shows of Dexter and copies him exactly except for one key ingredient...Cleaning Up After The Mess.

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