Dexter Season 6 Blu-ray Available For Pre-Order

Via Your friendly neighborhood serial killer will be back on Blu-ray in the coming months, and pre-orders are already live. In an early announcement to retailers, Showtime's 'Dexter: The Sixth Season' is getting ready to slice up Blu-ray this year. Pre-order now by clicking here.

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  1. second season in a row that I won't be picking up. Hopefully 7 turns this around but I'm going to have to make a custom cover that says season 5 on it.

  2. I wonder if this is official and confirmed final version of the packaging. It would be the first time when Season numers isn't right below the DEXTER logo.

  3. 8:11

    Too bad for you. Did whining about it here make you feel better? Or are you just trying to get us to buy into your stupid hysterical bullshit?

    The rest of us will buy it and enjoy the hell out of it. Thank you very much.

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