The TOP 10 Moments of Season 6 - #5: Gellar Reveal

The TOP 10 moments of Season 6. A controversial scene of the sixth season of Dexter, opens the TOP 5. We are talking about the final scene of episode 6.09 "Get Gellar" in which Dexter finds out that Gellar was dead all along. Shocking or not this scene has divided a lot of fans. Hit the jump below to see it...

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  1. scena telefonata da un po.

  2. Scenes like this are the reason why I love Dexter

  3. I was talking to my brother the other night about the way the Soprano's ended and wondering what it going to be like when Dexter ends. The Soprano's ended so horribly I cant even stand to watch the reruns now - and I was a huge fan. All I can say is that I hope whatever way Dexter ends, it will be one of those great moments that will leave no doubt, no strings, no emptiness - but conclusion. Hopefully Michael C. Hall will take a cue from Six Feet Under, his other great show. The ending to that series and the last 10 minutes are one of the greatest any series has ever ended! Just a thought! RC

  4. The Sopranos started with a mobster who was suffering from blackouts.
    It ended with the audience suffering a blackout.
    I think that was awesome.

    All that being said, yes I agree that 6 Feet Under is the best final EVER.

    If you want a bad ending... look no further than "Lost" or "Chuck" or "24"

    Or worse yet, and the one thing that makes me nervous about Dexter. The most horrible ending to any show in the history of television is the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. And OMG, Manny Cotto was a producer on that show, as well as 24. I don't know what his involvement will be in Dexter's end, but I hope he has learned something.


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