Jennifer Carpenter: "I'm About 8 Weeks Away From Shooting Dexter Season 7"

As we know Jennifer Carpenter is currently in the UK to promote the 6th of Dexter, which starts on FX UK, by the end of this month. Two days ago she announced on 'Saturday Kitchen' that in 8 weeks they will begin filming the seventh season of Dexter.

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  1. She was in the UK and i didn't know ^^.
    Aw well upset now!!!

  2. noooo where in the UK???????? which channels or shows???

  3. 8 weeks away huh? At least I have a little something to look forward to. Dexter withdrawals are rough!

  4. I am excited, but I am also worried.

    I want them to follow through with what they set up... but the love story between Deb and Dex, and the whole thing about Deb knowing.

    It would suck ass if they backed off and burned down everything they have set up for six years because of pressure from the family values council.

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