New Showtime Promo Trailers Including Dexter

Showtime released two new trailers about its TV Shows. One of them is of course, about Dexter. Season 7 coming in September 2012. Click the link below to see the videos...

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  1. The final minute and a half of the last episode (to the right>>>) still gives me chills every time I see it. SO READY FOR SEASON 7 to begin!
    Writing begins February
    Shooting starts in April
    Series starts Sept or Oct...
    more than I probably need to know...

  2. Showtime has so many great shows: DEXTER, Shameless, House of Lies, Homeland, and Weeds. It is worth paying for, so many high quality shows.

  3. When will they reveal who's part of the cast anyway?

    1. Probably early May. Last year, they announced Colin Hanks was joining the cast on May 9th, Mos Def on May 11th, and Eddie James Olmos on May 24th.

    2. Also they announced that Brea Grant (sexy) would join the cast on May 28th.

  4. I wonder what will replace DEXTER in the future. They would want to do something similar to pique our interests.

    1. It would probably be too expensive, but I would love it if Showtime (or any other premium network) did a show with 18th century pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean for adult viewers, with bloody violence, language, prostitutes and other drunken behavior. Well, that's nothing like DEXTER at all, but I sure as hell would watch it if it was well written and had heavy drama and darkness. Powdered wigs, slaves and scallywags.
      The problem is trying to think of a good title. "Scallywags" just wouldn't work for the kind of show I'm envisioning. That title wouldn't be serious enough.

  5. @Nicholas actually that would be pretty cool! good plan. Homeland is still blowing me away to be honest, I never expected it to be that good. As for Dex well me and a few pals have worked out how they are goin to get around the Deb thing, a theory ofc but i dont want to say it here but if it is what i think it could be it'd be pretty poor. I want it to get really messy and uncomfortable now.

  6. The best Showtime shows are in order...

    Web Therapy
    The Big C
    The Borgias

    The others I didn't see yet. But Dexter is the best show, it's why Showtime is still around.

  7. deb and dexter have to have romnance otherwise he'LL BE IN jail

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