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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The TOP 10 Moments of Season 6 - #9: The Death of An Angel

The 10 best moments of Season 6, in 10 posts! On #9 we have an amazing and one of the most memorable death scenes of the show. It's the final scene of episode 6.04 "A Horse of A Different Color". Click the link below to watch it!


  1. Is there any doubt what # 1 will be?
    And i am expecting the Gellar "twist" to be in this list, but it definitely should not be in the top 5, as it was NOT surprising. IN saying that, it was pretty cool though.
    I think #2 should be when Dexter kills Nick with that extremely primal anger. Amazing.
    #3 should be whem the bowls of wrath fall on them, i thought that was fucking sick, especially the music with it. Some good highlights of a pretty poor season.

  2. well travis finds the ice truck killers hand should be in the list that was nostalgic