Michael C. Hall Interview at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards [VIDEO]

The official SAG awards page on YouTube released a video with highlights from the red carpet. Click the link below to see a short part of an interview with Michael C. Hall...

The Michael C. Hall part of the video begins at 2:13

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  1. This has to be some kind of record for shortest interview in history. (2:13-2:24)

    1. Hello Im Nick M. DenoyerJanuary 31, 2012 at 8:56 PM

      Wow, you are very intelligent, it seems all of the interviews on this video clip were that short. So how about you get some common sense before posting again, thanks. By the way, if you were trying to be funny, it didn't work. Leave the comedy to the professionals.

    2. I'm glad to see I've made an impression on you. Now my life is finally complete!

  2. He probably wasn't in the mood to talk... he is just thinking: "I just want to go inside and sit next to my hot wife, er, DOH! EX-wife."

    Did you see how amazing she was? If I were him I would be paying a brain trust to help me scheme to win her back.

  3. She never looked that hot when she was with him. Somehow her get up was always wrong. Now, post 30 years old, she seems to have come into her own.

  4. Omg, the leprechaun beard! :D

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