Dexter Season 7 - The Writing Begins on February 1st

According to Executive Producer Manny Coto, the writing of the 7th season of Dexter begins on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012. Scott Buck, Tim Schlattmann, Lauren Gussis, Wendy West and others, will join the writing room for the next season.

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  1. can't wait to hear the first thing Dexter says to Deb...that will be as interesting and the hubby caught in bed with the best friend.."it's not what it looks like honey"

  2. I think he could live without taking lives, if he really wanted to. Dexter just doesn't want to quit yet, because he's having too much fun.

  3. can't be any worse than season 6...or can it?

  4. @ Previous anon--IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T WATCH!!!

  5. I hope Lumen Pierce(Julia Stiles) is there!
    i really really hope so...

  6. Me too. The time is right imho.

  7. love triangle : Deb/Dex/Lumen ,

    Deb gets jealous

    kills Lumen .

    Perfect !

    The END

  8. There are so many people on the blog's and message boards that want Lumen brought back,,,,,Come back Lumen, forget all that about

    2012 The Bell Jar

    2012 Seconds of Pleasure

    2012 The Silver Linings Playbook

    2012 Between Us

    2012 It's a Disaster

    We all want you on Dexter. Those other projects are fun and everything, but Dexter is Everything in between.

  9. I read on one of Stiles' IMDb pages that 3 of those projects 9:36 listed are already post production.
    Stiles has some rights on The Bell Jar so I guess she can do that whenever she wants.

    She is not stupid. If she receives an offer, she'll take it.
    I'd be glad if it happened :-)

  10. Probably not going to happen. There are rumors that Julia Stiles somehow factored into MCH and JC's divorce. If that and the whole story about the two having dinner is true, then it's unlikely that the Dexter crew will ask for someone who factored into their main characters' actors divorce again.

  11. It was just a rumor that never found the oxygen to last more than a couple of weeks in the media. I doubt the Powers That Be give a damn what a few bottom-feeding media outlets write. If Lumen can be part of a great story, they'll call Stiles back.

  12. I think reintroducing Lumen would be too contrived at this point, the way she left was absolutely horrendous, but her story has been wrapped up for good, imo. Debra would be the better choice for the 'saving Dexter from his Dark Passenger' role, either as a sister or something more, doesn't really matter to me. Ultimately, she's the most important adult in Dexter's life, more than Lumen would be in the next two seasons. The only difference between Lumen and Deb is that there'd really be no taboo with her, but ultimately, Dexter doesn't need to fall in love with someone, he just needs to love someone who loves him back (whether in a platonic or romantic sense is debatable).

  13. WTF

    Lumen is gone, thank god.

    I just want Deb and Dex scenes from here on out. They can just sit there over cereal and stare at each other for all I care - and I'd still watch. The characters have history together, deep, complex,amazing, history.

    One of the reasons I like Deb so much is the pure joy Dexter derives from being around her. All his best moments are with Deb, all his "real smiles" - in season 3, when she has on the full body condom and he is splatting heads on her, it's basically one of the only time's in the series that we see Dexter "happy" is smiling and laughing at Deb and her reactions, nothing fake. In fact if you watch carefully, all those "genuine" moments for Dexter come with Deb, nobody else. She is the only person who can lift the sadness from him.

    He cared for Lumen, but she just added more sadness.

  14. I have been a faithful Dexter fan since it began. I love Dexter, he does what we all want to do - remove those that do not deserve to exist. My least favorite season was the one with Jimmy Smits. I understand why Rita had to die, and honestly they turned her into such a whiney person so I haven't missed her character at all.

    But season 6 was awful!! Well not totally. I liked the story line with the angel of death. But seriously: Deb in love with her brother?????!!!!!!!! Envy, anger, sibling rivalry, struggle to meet expectations are all issues that make sense and make good story lines. I could even see her wanting to kill him since she feels she never measured up to him in her father's eyes. But seriously, the story is just taking a sick and twisted road that I won't watch. I hope the writers don't decide to pursue that story line. Consentrate more on developing Dexter's lighter side and his new sense of humanity!!

    1. What better sense to focus on humanity, than falling in love with the one person who has always meant the most to him.

      Some of the best feel good and tragic love stories of all time were adopted sibling love stories - Aragorn/Arwen from Lord of the Rings, Wuthering Heights, Knight in the Panther Skin, and so on.

  15. Lumen's character was retarded. I hope they don't bring her back. I think Deb being in love with Dexter is dumb too. Finally she found out about his dark passenger though. Season 6 was better than season 5, I think the season with Lumen in it was the worst one of all. Looking forward to season 7, really curious to see where it is going to go!

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  17. I don't get the idea of why people are so up in arms about the potential of incest, they are not related. That being said, I think it's a horrible idea to hook up Dexter and Deb because deep down Deb is crazy and annoying. I see a lot of potential for her to be another Lila and I think the writers should run with it. Deb's always been unnaturally possessive of Dexter and between finding out he's a serial killer and the idea of him rejecting her could absolutely push her over the edge along with everything else she's been through.

    I agree with Rob V. Let this thing go full circle. Dexter killed Brian/Rudy in order to protect Deb. It would be an ironic twist of fate if protecting Deb had dire consequences and forced him to have to make a similar decision at some point.

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