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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Your Theories: Louis and Ice Truck Killer's Plastic Hand

Batista was right. Now that we know something isn’t quite right with Louis, what does that mean for Dexter? Is the nerd-tern just a disturbing serial killer junkie? A Dexter groupie who will try to get a little too close for comfort? Or is something more nefarious ahead? Develop your theories - predictions in the comment section!


  1. I think he's related to Brian and Dexter. Maybe cousin.

  2. First of all, I love the show. Secondly, I saw this "twist" coming from a mile away. It wasn't shocking at all. I do, however, have great hopes about the rest of the season. Louis (the intern) is going to be involved HEAVILY. I also believe that Deb's pychiatrist is involved. She may be a victim but is involved. Her face was in the last painting looking down on the suffering people. I've watched the previews of the next episode closely. Just after she asks Deb if Dexter is her "safe place" her face is in a close-up. It suddenly shows the painting very quickly and it's her face on it. Also, the intern got Dexter to use a different search engine so he could have been tracking Dexters cpu usage. He's been in Dexters apartment and work space. Somehow he got the ITK hand after the blonde intern stole it and HASN'T BEEN SEEN OR HEARD SINCE. Think of all the little things they threw in for no obvious reason (search engine is a prime example) other than to tie things up later. They are also obviously drawing parallels between Travis and Dexter. They both have "dark passengers" that only they see and converse with, they both have no one other than their sister, the sister sees them as distant and so on. By dealing with Travis, Dexter is resolving his own issues.
    I will say that the writing has gotten a bit sloppy though. It seems like the devices to get from one scene to another are stupid. Dexter having a pen from the Hotel in Nebraska (where he killed a guy) just laying in his bag? C'mon! He never would've been so dumb before.

  3. For starters, the writing has fallen off such a steep cliff this season that I'm not even sure it merits debating what Louis may have in store for us. Seasons 1-4 gave us a firm set of premises about Dexter, such as that he is intelligent and thorough and pays attention to detail, and Season 6 has all but washed away all of those things. Accordingly, I'm not sure which rules we should be playing by when making guesses: The well written ones in season 1-4, or the soap-opera ones of season 6. Anyways...

    The best thing they could probably do with Louis is make him an arch-villain who's storyline carries over into season 7. Louis has the POTENTIAL to be an adversary that Dexter has never faced before - someone more intelligent than him, with more clever devices, and who is more careful and capable of covering his tracks. Louis could be at once a killer and ALSO the person who throws back the curtain on who Dexter really is. Hell, he's already close to all the people whom that reveal would be a huge shock to by way of his occupation as Masuka's intern.

    However, in the end, I assume that Louis will not be a dangerous character at all, and while he may have/find some dirt on who Dexter really is, it will never see the light of day and his character will be gone at the end of the season.

  4. Jason.

    I agree about the pen in Dex's bag. Crazy. He is a neat monster and that was sloppy as hell. About the blonde intern Ryan: She is in the next two episodes. So There is certainly more to her story than just a broke dumbass.
    Louis is going to become Major factor from this point on, However I am not sold on him being part of the DDK killings like is being said. Thoughts????

  5. THANKS ALOT John and DGB staff for this thread! and anyone else who thought about having a theory section. I was wondering, just a suggestion, is there any way you guys could also do separate theory/predictions threads on the last 3 episodes? I have enjoyed reading everyones thoughts and theories and I love reading the recaps and responses to the episodes but Im almost to the point where I want to go in fresh in these last 3 and I dont want to read any spoilers. I know they are just theories but sometimes ppl(fans) are On It! hahaha. Either way just an idea, thanks for what you guys do on this blog!

  6. The writing is way off. I don't know what Louis' end game is, but I'm certain of this: He wanted to be Masuka's assistant for reasons that have to do with Dexter. When Ryan got the job, he paid her to steal the hand. I'm not sure whether she knew it was for him or not. He also set up the "auction" after he had the hand and called Masuka to tell him about it. This got Ryan fired and it got him the job.

    He might have known Brian from the magical institution in which young psychopaths emerge as evil geniuses. He's certainly knows who and what Dexter is. I don't think all the Brian memories are for nothing. It's also possible he's the Tooth Fairy's son, as the writers would go for the obvious irony of a super computer genius being the son of a man who said: "goggled."

  7. He and Ryan both were in the same institution as brian when they were younger. They saw him as an older brother. As they move on, they part but promise to keep in touch. At some point Brian stops responding, and the investigate. Ultimately they find that Brian is dead and that the police know of his true nature. They decide to investigate further, and begin to look for the little brother Brian always talked about. This brings us to their internship. Louis especially has an interest in Dexter because he was the little brother to Brian that he could never truly be.

    In season 7, louis becomes an ITK copy cat while ryan becomes BHB copy cat. They draw dexter out into the open and force him to expose himself to miami metro by wearing him out and making him sloppy

  8. 6:05's theory might be interesting.... except Brea Grant can't act and relying on her to be a co-big bad would be a horrible mistake

  9. For me, honestly I want Dexter to have someone who is truly better than he is. Every season he's been in little to no danger near the end, I'm excluding Season Three because Jorge Orozco (George King) made too many errors in his capture (wobbly table, he decided "oh I'm going to make it more intimidating by leaving my tools across the catwalk"...he was setting himself up for fail) but I am saying that the most danger he was in was with Jordan Chase (originally Eugene Greer). Provided Dexter hadn't snuck that knife from his equipment, he would have been in some serious trouble.

    Every series has their main character face someone who overcomes them at every turn, someone who can outsmart them, defeat them physically (you know that Dexter has never lost a fight against anyone he has ever encountered? Yes he may have mastered martial arts but that doesn't make him Chuck Norris...he needs someone to actually kick his ass for once and I'm talking a REAL beating, that's what EVERY hero goes through) and hell, KILLS ONE OF THE MAIN CAST. Only Arthur Mitchell has proven to be anywhere close to dangerous though he lets himself get pretty roughed up at the end (come on, he could have fought off Dexter). I'm waiting for that but as long as Dexter remains untouchable and this guy you know is always going to succeed...then sadly he's become Superman.

    And most importantly...Dexter seems to ALWAYS catch his man. I want one guy to escape, not just like friggin Alfonso "Little Chino" Concepcion...I'm saying get away at the end of the season from Dexter's grasp, unresolved. I would have loved if Arthur Mitchell HAD escaped and still had killed Rita...may have had even more impact in my opinion.

  10. TV...

    The problem with whacking main cast members is that it creates a big sucking vacuum hole that is difficult to fill.

    It's all exciting and looks good on paper, and you have that big moment of "oooooooh, omg" but then guess what? Now you have to live with it.

    Then you are driving with one wheel missing and all the fans say "Something is wrong, it doesn't feel like Dexter!"

    Ironic that some of the people who disliked Rita the most are now the ones who are most dissatisfied and vocal with the show "not being the same Dexter".

    Of course it's not. Julie Benz is gone. It's not just a character on a page, it's an actress who plays her that interacts with the rest of the cast, that makes the workplace better because people liked her, that caused Michael C. Hall to give inspired performances. You cut her out, it's like losing a hand. Yes, you roam around the golf course, but you aren't making par anymore without that hand.

    If someone dies now it has to be a Quinn, or a Maria who are past their expiration date, and that wouldn't be a shocker at all.

    What you can't lose are the other main wheels of the show besides Dexter, meaning Deb and Vince. So that leaves Angel, and man, would that be a bummer or what?

  11. @JessieJames

    Where are you at dude. You need to chime in and let these haters know how good of a season this has been. I think they are right on the verge of changing the channel to Glee, you just need to give them a little shove. I think this has been a great season and although this thread is suppose to be for theories i just think someone should acknowledge that the writers are doing a great job. HELP ME OUT JESSIE!!!

  12. @RYAN

    Why are you trying to do damage control in a thread thats civil and discussing theories? What are you, in highschool? Cut this crap out.

  13. @RYAN

    You can't say that some of the plot devices used have been kind of flimsy. The pen from Nebraska was just a lazy way for Deb to find out he went there. Also, I just watched "Getting Gellar" again and found another problem. When Dexter finds Travis on the floor of the church he then locates the trap door. He goes down through the door AFTER he has to move a heavy table off of it and with dust and dirt on the door. It obviuosly hasn't been used recently. Why would Dexter go down there in search of Gellar? How did Travis predict that Dexter would find the door that was so well hidden? What would have happened if Dexter had simply not found it when the freezer suddenly made a loud noise?
    Don't get me wrong, I love the storyline and the arcs involved. But the plot devices that move it along are flimsy. Setting up a killroom at the same location being used as a hideout? C'mon, really? What if Gellar returned after they'd left and found it? Walking around college hallways and elevators without fear of cameras? Putting Travis up in a hotel so Gellar wouldn't find him? What about credit card receipts? Even if you pay with cash they would require a credit card. Driving all the way to Nebraska with a rental car and expecting no one to be able to find out? There are paper trails everywhere and Dexter is smart enough to cover his tracks better. If he can spot other peoples "Dark Passenger" like he did with Brother Sam, why can't he see that the intern has a screw loose? Deb looking for a religious serial killer within a mile range and not noticing the HUGE, ABANDONED CHURCH right past the treeline? These are just a few of the dumb things that any reasonable person can say don't make sense.

  14. Also, where the hell are Cody and Astor? Has Dexter completely forgotten about them? They're never even mentioned. I thought he loved them (as much as he's capable anyway). It seems like everyone has forgotten they even exist. Wouldn't it be kind of cool to see Rita as one of Dexter's "passengers" and steering him towards the light? Another bad plot device was when Dexter got suck in the elevator. I'm not questioning the timeline of when the victim was taken. I'm sure Travis could have taken him earlier and set up the kill later. But how in the hell did Travis stop the elevator? And why? If he had taken the victim earlier why delay Dexter in finding it? Also, Dexter is REALLY good at his job. The blood in the office should have told him when, how and where the victim was taken. Just thinking out loud here.

  15. Another thing, when Dexter and Travis enter the church why did Dexter go examine his killroom and chat with Dear Old Dad before finding and injecting Gellar? We are expected to believe that he just wanted to check out his knives one more time? Why not sneak right in and inject Geller, strap him down and THEN check the killroom you set up HOURS before?

  16. @Jason

    You nailed it. Dexter used to be a very neat monster. This season? He's been making mistakes left and right just to progress the plot. The writers don't care to preserve the character, it seems.

    Remember the first episode of the season? How he faked being stabbed and called 911? How the hell could he guarantee that those two paramedics would show up?

    That should've signalled to me that the writers weren't on their game from the get-go.

  17. Dexter has been losing his touch ever since having a baby, then each season his dark passenger is getting weaker clearly, even though he is still able to do what he needs to, but in much sloppier way.

    Dexter was only neat and clever monster in his mind.

    Writers are clearly trying to prove that Dexter is indeed a human being and able to make mistakes and he is slowly changing although Dexter doesn't like to admit it.

  18. Season 6 finale theory

    Loise is a Serial killer just like dexter and he is tracking dexter to kill him

    deb gets fired because she is re opening the case of the dead call girl that matthews killed

    Loise ends up catching dexter, deb saves him after losing her job, but in turn finds out about dexters "dark passenger"

  19. A lot of people on here are complaining about Dexter being sloppy and coming up with reasons for that....

    Read my lips....

    This is all a part of the storyline... Read what they are saying regarding the 'endgame'.... They are beginning to lead up to it...

    Hellooooo... Think about it.

    Dexter is getting sloppy FOR A REASON. I know we all don't want him too, we want Dexter to live forever, to be perfect and clean with every kill, but the fact is, Dexter will end someday. (as much as i regret saying that)

    The writers are doing all this for a reason, unfortunately we will be witness to Dexter making lots of mistakes and cannot do anything about it. I am intrigued as to HOW its going to happen...

    Louis is directly involved, he is very smart, perhaps too smart, perhaps slowly turning into the product of endgame.

    Someone please tell Quin and Maria to take a hike! They are HAS-BEENS! Maybe Maria's plan to 'fix' the situation is to somehow pin Quin to it... Think about it folks... Quin is reckless right now... His time is up.

    Let me know what you all think... That's my 2 cents.

  20. I think that Loise is a fan of serial killers, in his apartment Jamie said he has many collections and he acknowledged it. I think he used Ryan for access to the hand and he wanted stuff from BHB and Trinity. I think she achieved her objective she was let go by design and it was no accident that Loise got the internship. I have a feeling that Deb's psychologist has an inkling that Dexter is a sociopath and reveals this to Deb and she investigates and discovers more about Dexter. I can't see Deb knowing that he is a serial killer until the end but she knows something and will be looking into him more. I think she'll find Trinity's son and Lumen and finally it will all come out and unravel. Yes, Dexter is getting sloppy but I think that's deliberate to make him more vulnerable and will play a part in the endgame.

  21. @Jason

    I agree Jason. I guess I was just trying to be true to the show. I think Dex has got a little sloppy, but I think it will work out. The promos for this season kept saying he was getting back to his roots, but im yet to see it. I still love the show and it is still the best.

  22. SPOILER ALERT:Killers revealed for season 7 and season 8 of Dexter
    Season 7 killers: Louis and hot ex intern of masuka (original season 1 killers with Brian)
    Season 8 killer: police chief Matthews (he killed Harry along with a horde of prostitutes)

    Killer of season 7: Masuka's hot intern that he fired and current guy intern, Louis who is obsessed with dexter will be the big bads. thats right, two killers. The story of these two go back to the first season where they were in cahoots with Brian. Brian hired them to help with his killings. It was a tri-fecta of killers for the Ice Truck killings. This is why the hot intern stole and sold the prosthetic arm and why she sold it to Louis. They did this so as to have a memento from their killings from season 1. Season 7 will start off with killings that will resemble Brians killings from season 1. These two interns will try to impress dexter with grandeur killings in similar fashion as Brians however they will keep their identity hidden from dexter to start the season 7. Obviously the fans will immediately suspect Louis of these killings as we now have seen that he has the prosthetic arm in his possession; however the writers will give him solid alibis for each murder/kill and direct your attention away from him possibly being a killer. The big surprise next season will be, is that the hot intern is also perpetrating the murders so as to give Louis these solid alibi's. The ultimate plan for the two interns is that they want Dexter to join them and take over Brians place and lead them in more killings. While Dex might be tempted for a brief moment to join them, he will obviously kill them.

    Kill of season 8: The Police Chief Matthews. What do we know. Police Chief Matthews was at the murder scene of the prostitute. Apparently attempted to "save her life by giving chest compressions" Lies and misdirection. Police Chief Matthews has been killing prostitutes for YEARS people. YEARS. He kills prostitutes and sets up an overdose to mask the murder. Hes been doing this for years and he is good at it. I know a lot of you will now chime in with "yes but the trauma to her chest was post mortem". This dude is the chief of police, he can fake/lie/forge death certificates. This is the reason why he wants that case closed asap, not bc of how it will reflect how it looks to the general public. He knows that if this case is reopened, it will draw more suspicion to his killings. NOW, what else do we know?! What about dexters/debra's father Harry. How did he die? If you remember correctly, he committed suicide and OVERDOSED on his heart medication. Are we really going to believe that? NOOOOO!!! Harry was working the force with now Police Chief Matthews way back when. Harry stumbled upon this addiction of Matthews. Harry was going to turn Matthews in and when Matthews found out, he corrected that situation by having Harry "overdose" on his heart medication and made it look like a suicide. He's a pro at making murders look like overdose/suicides. This is where things will get interesting in the final season. Bc the writers could have Debra find out about Dexter...or have Dexter tell Debra about his dark passenger in such a way, that they will BOTH KILL the police chief Matthews at the end of season 8.

    Season 7s ending will redefine everything we thought we knew about the first season and Brian. Its perfect. AND, Season 8s ending will redefine EVERYTHING we thought we knew about Harry and how he died. The uniting of Dex and Deb killing together will make for a fantastic ending to the series and bring closure to their fathers death.

    Sorry if i just ruined Dexter for everyone, but i had to let everyone know.