TOP 10 - The Best Quotes of Episode 6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit"

Episode 10 of Season 6 "Ricochet Rabbit" aired a few days ago. Click the link below to read the TOP 10 quotes of this episode and tell us in the comments what's your favorite!

10. "Travis is the only Doomsday Killer, and I've made a terrible mistake" -Dexter

9. "You killed me Travis, and then you stuck me in the freezer" -Gellar

8. "Brother Sam said it. Sometimes you have to surrender to something greater than yourself" -Dexter

7. "He's been a monster from the start. He's using Gellar to justify his kills" -Dexter

6. "You were wrong old man, I'm in control now" -Travis

5. "Time to play 'Find the F*ckpad'" -Dexter

4. "Holy Christ on a stick... Sorry" -Deb

3. "Hello, whore" -Travis

2. "A lot of people justify their kills" -Harry

1. "I am the Bay Harbor Butcher" -Dexter

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  1. "Like Laguerta trying to swing her dick around the briefing room"
    "Jessica Morris - guilt trip from beyond the grave."

    The first one was the best quote of the episode!

  2. Dex: "I'm a, can't seem to get in touch with her"
    Teenage girl: "Yeah, no offense, but your friend is a total slampig."
    Dex: "...right, slampig."

  3. Dexter: "Maybe you're pregnant?"
    Deb: "First of all fuck you, second if I were it would have to be the imaculate fucking conception because I haven't been with anyone since Quinn and lastly fuck you!"
    Dexter: "Sounds like your feeling better"

  4. You can tell EJO did well, if every time you read a Gellar line, you hear his voice. Oh, and did I mention how hot Holly Benson was? She was probably the most attractive victim the show has ever had. A hot dead girl? LOL

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