POLL: The Dexter-Deb Kiss Scene Was...

A lot has been said about Debra's dream, kissing her brother-by-adoption on episode 6.11 "Talk to the Hand". What's you opinion? Vote below.

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  1. I am so surprised people want to see them as a couple!!! The message boards have been in an uproar over this "incest" thing


  3. The people who voted that they wanted to see them as a couple are...open-minded, don't care personally about the issue because it isn't THEM it's two fictional characters in a fictional world.

    I'm one of those people...if it happens, I personally want to see it develop strongly. Not have a short fling in a dream and that be the end of it.

  4. Its creepy because its Deb and Dex. I know they are not blood but they grew up asif they were. It makes perfect sense but still much to wrap my mind around.

  5. It was just awkward and didn't come off as realistic. So please no more Debra/Dexter kisses.

  6. The thing is though, they already went there. So I'm with the other poster. Because they already went there, this strongly, they need to address it now. This is one of those types a moves on a TV show where once you go there, you can't go back.

    I'm personally a little interested. Just because this is a seriously f###ed up psychological story. Which I miss on this show. Its been so villain focused for so many seasons that its refreshing for them to start exploring really messed up psychological stories. And the fact that Debra finally has a storyline (new job, therapist, and growing up), this is a really unique dark passenger for a character.

    Does anyone else think that her dream wasn't about DEXTER, entirely? What if that was the introduction of Debras dark passenger? Like Brian to Dexter, Gellar to Travis. As if she is finally starting to accept her darker nature. It's like the kiss was more about her embracing her dark passenger. Its not Dexter shes kissing, its her dark passenger posing as Dexter.

    1. Wow!!! Good analysis I must say!!! But do you really think Deb can actually ever have a dark passenger??? I mean, she is an outspoken person, got a care a damn attitude & she expresses herself very well... What they are trying to portray in the show is, Deb is alone & she is emotionally dependent on Dexter coz she trusts him more than anything & she also feels secured with Dexter & she believes that Dexter will never abandon her or cheat on her like Agent Lundi or Brian....

      However the angle you are analyzing is also very interesting... Lets see what the writers have in the store for season 7...

      Eagerly waiting for Dexter to return in season 7 :)

  7. ALL you SICKOS

    I wonder how many people who are " CHEERING " this Dream and want it as real have REAL blood sisters

    For guys who are ELDER to their sisters the young sister is like a child

  8. Anon at 1:19

    This is a television show, it has nothing to do with your sister. If you are disgusted by the "not" incest, then you should ALSO be disgusted by the murder and you should shut the television off now.

    People are such hypocrites... geez

  9. @1:48 It may not technically be incest, but they are adopted siblings so by law, they are related.

    If it's OK for them to get together then, by your reasoning, it would also be OK for Dexter to have a sexual relationship with Deb's mom, Doris, because they aren't 'blood' right?

    Would people be allowed to hold opinions about that or would you shout them down as well?

  10. Wasn't discusting or weird It was painfull to see that Deb Is "In love" with her brother and can't do nothing about but What I really think is that She isn't really in love with dexter I think showtime has a couple of suprises for us

  11. I have read alot about the last season finale trying to make sense of it myself. Though it's obvious to everyone they are brother and sister, their relationship of brother and sister never fooled me - they are too close for just a brother sister relationship and the fact that they are NOT BLOOD RELATED makes the whole love thing seem really obvious from the start of season 1, but Rita and the kids did manage to take out the Dexter-Debra thing for a while. Everyone became invested in their relationship and forgot about dexter and debra as a potential couple.

    Everyone talking about this has just been talking about debra's feelings but no one has mentioned dexter's. I think dexter has been in love with debra his whole life while growing up together, but has never been able to admit it or even think of it.

    Next season will definitely be interesting to see how debra will deal with dexter's dark passenger and the love she feels for him. She will accept it just like Harry did, however, it will be tough to see her confess her real feelings for him knowing what he really is. She might not be able to do that next season - she might by the end of it though hopefully.

  12. I was really shocked, but I think it would be very interesting to see were this all could go. I do honestly think that they should build off of it.

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  14. it's hott and this show needs it's edge back so i think they should FLIRT with the idea.

    the two actors have great chemistry.
    lots of plot potential.

    so much better than that lumen crap. ew

  15. Finally the scene I have been waiting to see since Episode 1, Season 1 of Dexter! Dex and Deb have great chemistry, more than what they share with either of their partners.

    So, Why NOT?

    Dear All, Dexter is NOT a Family Drama so what's wrong with a little Cruel Intentions?

    I really hope the Parent's Television Council is not offended by this.

    Frankly I loved Dexter with Lila, more with Lumen, but with Debra? I'd just like to see how the show handles that. It should be really interesting. Fingers crossed. And oh well?

    At the most sinners go to hell, and we know where Dexter's headed anyway, don't we? ;)

    So much so for us who love him and the show. Would love this tension between Dexter and Debra.


  16. I dont see the problem between Dexter and Debra. They aren't biologically related, Dexter was adopted. In real life, an attraction between sibings who are adopted can happen. Also with the fact that they both went through a lot of things together, such as the Ice Truck Killer and various other things.

    They were kinda close for siblings since season 1 really, and Dexter has saved her life a few times. The chemistry exists between Deb and Dexter.

    I am definetly liking where the Season is heading to, it seems juicy and somewhat exciting :D

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