Dexter Season 7 - Fanmade Posters

2012 means Dexter Season 7. Let's say goodbye to 2011, with some great fanmade posters about the next season. Click the link below to see others...

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  1. Dexter (serial) get new level. I want to see new season!

  2. These posters are very sad and terrifying

    This means Either Dexter or Debra OR BOTH
    will die when the series comes to an end

    Hope Harrison also dies because HOW can an orphan

    So NO Happy endings for Dexter

  3. @Anon 10:23 : These are not official posters from showtime, they are FANMADE (read the article title). So this is no way infers that Dex or Deb will die. These are made by the fans.

    I feel like some people have the reading skills of a hamster.

  4. It's funny. I imaginated almost the same picture as the first one. Except that in the Debra's eye we could see the reflect of Dexter in his kill outfit with a bloody knife in his hand, looking towards Deb.

  5. There´s No Happy Ening For Dexter...Some characters must to die in my opinion,Quinn must to die,LaGuerta must to die,Angel Must to die,And Deb Stay Alive Lossing all she love...including Dexter,in my opinion should become a more angry and enraged Dexter than ever

  6. Except for the syringe one, they are all too vague and boring. Come on "fans;" you can do better.

  7. my opinion is that,debra is gonna understand dexter for what he was doing ,but she will not discover all the secrets dexter was hiding ! the other kills will stay unrevealed !the season 7 will be running around the next killer and both will searching for him or her ...!

  8. Brian Moser, did you say the reading skills of a hamster? Now that's just very harsh. Are you sure you aren't "reading into" that too much to come up with the words "fan made" - you know even thought it says that, it might not really say that. You might just be a show off.

    Fans get mad when people try to point things out to them like that.

    People like to hold onto their opinions!

    As an example:

    About 20% of the fanbase seems convinced that Debra is pregnant by Quinn even though she clearly stated "no". It seems to be a case of not understanding what an "immaculate conception" is.

    About 10% of the people who post seem heartily convinced that 30ish year old Louis is the son of Brian Moser.

    About 20% of fans are still screaming "half siblings" as they are living under the assumption that Dexter his Harry's child by Laura Moser, even though the writers went out of it's way to point out that Dexter is old bowling driscoll's son, even going so far as to illustrate Dexter's genetic predisposition for "bowling"!!!! The reason they did that was to make it doctrine and certain that every fan understands that Dexter and Debra are NOT biologically related. Hey! Why were those sneaky writers working so hard on making that part of Dexter "Canon" in those early seasons?

    Which brings us here.

    Apparently, well, at least it is claimed, that 50% of the fans saw nothing unusual in Debra and Dexter's relationship throughout the course of the series. That they, in fact, missed every single cue in every season of the show that their feelings were a bit "odd" and they insist that they saw only "normal" brother sister stuff was going on, up until the last 2 episodes of season 6. And that anyone who did see it are just making it up, and "reading into" things that aren't there.

  9. My Predictions:

    Note, this is not what I want to happen, in fact I dislike some of it. But it's what I think will happen.

    1. Debra does not turn Dex in but distances herself from him emotionally in season 7.

    2. Dexter flounders without Deb's constant attention and affection in his life.

    3. Deb starts seeing someone else, perhaps only to ease the pain. Dexter hates it, he feels "jealousy" (as he often has in the past) but this time it is far more intense and he does not understand why. (Maybe this new guy is in mortal peril eh?)

    4. At one point or another - Quinn or LeGuarta are going to blackmail that therapist into revealing Deb's secret love. By now everyone will notice that things have cooled between the Morgan siblings. Thinking that Deb told Dexter and he spurned her, one of them will approach Dexter with the truth, either Quinn to goad Dexter, or Maria to gloat over the fact that she things Dex rejected Deb. Dex is going to get really mad and whichever one of them stole Deb's personal file is going to be in huge trouble... maybe kill room trouble. My guess on this is Maria but Quinn could be involved.

    5. Dexter confronts Debra about what she said to the psychologist, finds out that she was going to tell him the night she walked in on him whacking a dude. After being starved of Debra's usual affection for him for months, and missing her in his life, and realizing that she still loves him enough to not turn him in, the 2x4 finally hits him upside the head... "Damn, I do love her!" He kisses her, hard baby! Deb pushes him away in one of those "no no no" moments. Who wants to make out with a serial killer? Ick! She runs out on him, leaving him at the end of episode 11, soundly rejected, and "more lost than ever before".

    6. Somewhere in season 7, Astor and Cody will make an appearance.

    7. Quinn is onto Dexter. He has him dead to rights. Dexter is floundering, his newfound love for Deb AND her rejection of him has him falling down the rabbit hole worse than anything Rita, Lila, or Lumen ever did. He gets it now. Deb is the love of his life. Without her, well, he is kinda pathetic. He's just an increasingly mediocre serial killer, and an incompetent single father (who is dumb enough to leave his son at catholic preschool when a rampaging religious killer is on the loose). Quinn figures out Dexter is, "who he is" he is about to call it in and makes the mistake of telling Deb "It's Dexter, he's a serial killer!" Deb finally has to make the call... no matter how much she has tried, her love for Dex is too strong. BANG BANG! - (Rule #1 Double Tap!) Bye bye Quinn.
    Overcome by self loathing she runs into the arms of Dexter. They make love, but we all know they are doomed. Roll credits. End season 7.


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