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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Finale - YOUR PREDICTIONS

TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT DEXPERTS! It's time for the last episode of season 6, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to read some major questions about the season 6 finale, and tell us you predictions in the comment section!

What is going to happen in this episode?
Who's going to die /  how many people are going to die?
Is Harrison in danger?
Will Travis land on Dexter's table?
What will be the final scene of the episode?
Do you want a cliffhanger ending?
Who's Louis?
There will be a regular character death?



  1. I expect:

    Debra will see what Dexter is capable of but not find out the whole history yet. This will be shown in season 7. It would be nice to see though if she did tie up many loose ends to Dexter's Dark Passenger.

    Harrison dies. I hope Quinn does too, he is getting too much of attention and it's so boring. Even though we all hate LaGuerta, she should stay alive.

    Nothing will happen around Louis yet, the real him will be shown in the next season(s). The last episode has too much stories already for the available 45 mins to be able to reveal Louis. It would be unlike the other seasons though to keep a character in the dark for the following seasons.

    Travis will be killed in the kill room.

    I don't want a cliffhanger and I don't think they will give it to us. Waiting almost a year with a cliffhanger makes no sense.

  2. In the final episode of Dexter- from the preview clips; looks as if Dex is being used as a human sacrifice by Travis. Us fans are aware this series is about biblical beliefs, im wondering if Dexter comes back to life as the AntiChrist?
    Travis see's him like he used to see Prof Gellar, panics and is forced/pushed to jump of the building, but does Dex stay like this for the next 2 series aka like his dad only his son Harrison can see, or does Deb and team bring Dexter back to life officially?

  3. The finale was shot not knowing if the series would continue....I think there will be no cliffhanger...
    Harrison and dexter's ass will be saved...(hopefully by lumen!!) LOL!

  4. Hope Debra will save Harrison & Dexter...
    .. i just hope Laguerta dies
    Travis end on Dexter's table hope he'll suffer.. :p
    Who's Louis? ---> I guess he is Brian's son
    There will be a regular character death? --> Yeap, probably Jamie Batista-...

  5. Harrison dies.
    Travis will end on Dexter's table.
    No other major character dies beside those two.
    Louis' role will only be expanded on the next season, although that there is a possibility that Dexter will receive that package that Louis prepared for him on the last episode.
    Even though Michael said that the last episode will end with a satisfying conclusion, i don't think that we'll not have some kind of cliffhanger at the end of this episode.
    At first i thought that Debra would die, but unless that the writers want to shock us more than we thought, i don't see this coming now.

  6. My guess is that harry calms dexter down and makes him think of a stratergy to have a fail safe plan when dexter injects him self he injects with some other thing harmless then when travis is heading for the kill dexter disarms him kills him the spot and saves harrison But some one walks in and sees dexters killing travis in self defence probably deb

  7. Dexter uses a fake syringe to inject himself, injecting Travis with the real thing as he kneels over him.Dexter manages to get Travis & Harrison off the building without anyone seeing him.Travis ends up on Dexters table.Noone dies besides Travis.

  8. Travis will survive and go to jail.
    Dexter will quit the police deparment.

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  10. Sorry, it should be ... Dexter has left for doing ...

  11. Quinn and Deb save Dexter and Harrison. Quinn dies with Travis from falling off of the building. Deb sees Dexter up there with Harrison and Travis while she and Quinn maneuver to come to their aid and overhears what Travis and Dexter are saying which gives her insight into Dexter's dark passenger issues but doesn't know everythning yet. This will make her start looking into Dexter's activities.

    Debra will cover for Dexter beccause she loves him but still look into his private activiets.

    Louis will not be a factor here but next season he will be. Season 7 willl show Masuka finding out about the hand being returned and start looking at Louis and let Dexter know about his past screwups. Dexter goes after Louis. Deb goes after Dexter.

  12. OMG are the writers in such lack of inspiration that they need the fans to do the work for them ? fanfictions are after the finale not before, but whatever i'll play the game:

    dexter will kill travis because travis threatens baby Harisson . deb is going to found out about him and let him escape out of love and will take care of her nephew. there

  13. No spoilers please. Just PREDICTIONS!

  14. I read the spoiler HAHAHAHAHA :) I know what's gonna happen :)

  15. I accept nothing! NOTHING is inevitable! I expect anything and everything to happen. Six hours left!

  16. Here is my prediction:

    I think Travis is going to devise a plan to kidnap Harrison and almost kills Jamie in the process but then finds out from Jamie talking on the phone (probably to Dexter who is checking in on them) that Harrison has a school play decides not to kill Jamie but to go and kidnaps Harrison from the school. Dexter will eventually track Harrison down with Travis and attempts to follow them when Travis becomes aware and makes Dexter inject himself with the needle. Travis then wounds Dexter with the sword as part of the bloodshed before attempting to kill Harrison but Quinn comes out of nowehre and gets into a fight with Travis when Travis pushes Quinn off the building, Dexter saves the day by coming out of nowehre and injects him while Travis is distracted watching Quinn fall to his death. Dexter then kills Travis in a religious themed area (probably a catholic school if not Harrison's school to add to the dramatics) not knowing that Deb saw what he did. This ends with Deb telling Dex she knows his secret followed by the "oh shit" look on his face while we see Louis in the shadows killing someone in a very Dexter like manner and it ends there.

  17. Jamie dies when Travis goes after Harrison;
    Quinn dies trying to get Travis;
    Dexter kills Travis - Deb see Dexter and is conflicted since Dexter just killed Quinn, who she loved.