Dexter - Major Season 6 Finale Hints, Spoilers and Teasers

Via SpoilerTV: Taken from a post at IMDB, take with a pinch of salt but they have been correct in the past. Click the link below to read major, hints teasers and spoilers about the season 6 finale episode of Dexter, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends"...

What do you think the "bombshell" is?

So, how is EPISODE 12?. Just like Travis, it’s of two minds. On the one hand…

Episode 12 is great entertainment. If you’ve seen the previews, you know the stakes are high and personal. When we first see Dexter, he’s floating in the middle of the ocean, desperately clinging to the debris of the rowboat. Although we know that Dexter will survive, there’s a helpless desperation that we haven’t seen in him for some time. He’s resigned himself to the fact that he’s going to die and finds it ironically fitting that his body will vanish into the sea without a trace. His deepest fear and regret isn’t death itself, but that he will never see Harrison grow up and become a man. It’s a great way to start the episode. If there’s any doubt that Jennifer Carpenter is this season’s MVP, then just check out the excellent performance on display here. If she gets any kind of award consideration this year, guaranteed her highlight clip will be pulled from this episode. Colin Hanks goes out on a fairly strong note. If you’re a Hanks hater, nothing will change your mind here, but he looks worn down and weathered in a few scenes achieving the right amount of menace. It’s hard to remember him as the somewhat sympathetic man-child killer (and that’s a compliment). If you’ve enjoyed Season 6 so far, then Episode 12 is a nice capper on the continuing adventures of Dexter Morgan.

On the other hand…

If you’re looking for a “ties up all the loose ends/ advances the plot” finale, then Episode 12 might disappoint. Almost (more on that later). Some plot details remain a mystery, some end with a general shrug, and others with a convenient “resolution”. If you’ve had issues over Dexter’s easy escapes and convenient logic, then there’s more ammo to fuel the fire here.

Here’s your final hints n’ teases:

Good impressionist, Masuka, he is.

Travis checks the mail

“Oh God”

But here’s one more important teaser…

Listen closely…. Do you hear that?... That’s the sound of a major bombshell going off in the final minute of the episode. Everything I’ve written above won’t matter come Monday morning, because THIS is the final impression that will be burned into your brain over the next 9 months. Bring on Season 7!

Don’t ask, because I won’t tell.

Thanks Gang! It’s been fun as always. Happy Holidays to you and your families!!!!


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  1. All I needed to hear was the last paragraph. Hope it has to do with the hand.

    Could care less about Travis.

  2. Deb finds out about her brother. Its the only bombshell left

  3. The only thing im looking forward to in this episode (and to an extent, this series) Is Dexter receiving the hand from Louis (and the aftermath that becomes of it)

    if TRAVIS is the one that opens that package in episode 12 and it never makes its way to Dexter, the showrunnners will have ruined the one final compelling plotline they have going for them this season

    As for Deb, have they not completely sucked the air out of that balloon yet? Season 5 was ALLLLL about how Deb would accept vigilante-ism. And now in season 6, we see that she's in love with Dexter. WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT HER REACTION IS GONNA BE! There used to be some legitimacy to the idea that she might turn him in and/or hunt him, and now that's completely out the window. No suspense whatsoever

  4. I'm honestly a little tired of finales where Dexter escapes and everything is fine. I'm starting to need something more, but I'm afraind we're not going to have it ultim the last 2 seasons. Anyway, the rest sound like it's gonna be a great finale. I'm really hoping Dexter gets that had... and I'm smelling Louis's going to be the next season's villain.

  5. A cat and mouse game between Dexter and another killer who also works in the same police department would be pretty sweet.

  6. I would not be surprised if Masuka turned out to be somewhat sinister himself since Dexter in the books notes that he has a fakeness to him and could be like Dex himself

  7. Actually how can there be a "SHOCKER" ? I don't see a single thing that would shock me. The hand would hardly be shocking, or Louis letting us know that he knows about Dexter, we all pretty much know that he knows about Dexter... no shocker there.

    The only "shocking" thing I could think of, is Deb and Dex shagging at the end of the episode. Come to think of it, that would be sweet, that would be a nice way to punctuate this season. Too much to hope for though.

  8. I think something else they could try out for this season is not have dexter kill Travis. Every season so far dexter has gotten that season's villain, maybe this time the cops beat him or save him. Also if Travis is in custody he could leak about what dexter is. If this happens my guess is that this news will be partially dismissed because he is psychotic, but would also fuel someone like quinn who earlier was suspicious of dexter,

  9. I really don't think we're going there with a Debxtership. Even though they aren't biologically related it would call a lot of attention to itself and one of the main things Dexter was taught is to blend in. Sleeping with your (adopted) sister, is not "blending."

  10. This very same write-up was posted on the IMDb board by jkrishnan. Are you jkrishnan?

  11. I think Dexter Will pretend to inject him self and when travis is going to kill him dexter does a kung fu shit he did on doaks or something like that or maybe We are all wrong and we are going to fail miserably at predicting this.

  12. I think the bombshell will be Deb finds the package with the hand Louis sent to Dex and she will know.. BOOM

  13. I was going to read the spoilers here, but then i took an arrow in the... just kidding, guys!

  14. Eeeeeefffffff! Time machine motivation! Im still offended for Dexter got snubbed with the golden globes

  15. Might be possible that next season Louis and Dexter might become friends and kill together (sot of like Miguel and Dexter.

    Also Quin might tell Deb that he had actual proof about Dexter and dismissed it cos he loved her.

  16. Or harrison is going to die ???
    But that's a bit to obvious

  17. Just had a crazy thought about what the bombshell could be.
    What if at the end of the episode dexter and deb are at his apartment. and then just when deb is just about to admit her feelings for him, they both hear a knock at the door. Dexter goes to answer it and Harry is standing there. Dexter just thinks it's his normal ghost guide but then deb goes 'Oh god dad'.

    How shocking would that be? I know this is unlikely due to previous episodes commenting on Harry's death. I just thought what if Harry faked his death and now comes back.

    I guess i wanted to think of the bombshell as being something that would completly shock everyone.

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