Dexter - Episode 6.10 “Ricochet Rabbit” - [Open Thread]

Official synopsis: Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim before it's too late; Debra has a strong reaction to a crime scene, which leads her to the realization that she leans too heavily on her brother.

Written by: Jace Richdale, Lauren Gussis and Scott Reynolds
Directed by: Michael Lehmann

Tell us your thoughts about last night's episode of Dexter. What was your favorite or your least favorite scene. What is going to happen to Deputy Chief Matthews? Do you see sheets of plastic in Travis' future? Tell us your opinion in the comment section!

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  1. Loved it. I liked the Bay Harbor Butcher part!!!

  2. It was the first episode this season that I enjoyed whole heartedly. Things have been so uneven all season, but it was nice to see Travis given over completely to the dark side.

    Dexter even stopped being selfish for a change and called the cops. His obsessive "it's got to be me!" has made him more and more unlikeable as things have dragged on. It feels like he's finally thinking about how best to save other people's lives and not just feeding his need. I thought that showed some growth that was interesting to the season.

    The only thing I'll say is that Dexter has had the most shallow flirtation with spirituality ever. He's never really seriously entertained Brother Sam's ideas of forgiveness and submission to a higher power. He hasn't struggled with the idea that what he is doing is wrong. It's a shame because that kind of struggle could have been interesting.

    In the past seasons his need to change has been more palatable. His need for a friend in season three, for learning how to be a part of family in season four, his need for love and understanding in two and five. Does any think he's had a true yearning for something more this season? At most he's been a kind of spiritual tourist.

  3. Also, I will totally cop to be a sicko for feeling this way, but I kind of want to see Dexter and Deb make out! I don't think it's going to happen because it makes no sense that they would and I imagine that if it actually did I'd think the writers had lost their minds, BUT I get a kick out of how twisted and absurd it would be.

  4. I admit to being a little bummed that it appears that the simplest explanation is the one that explains Louis. That he's a serial killer aficionado and not a serial killer himself or has a long lost connection to Dexter.

    Although maybe it will still turn out to be more complicated than that.

    I do think there was an ironic little dig at fans of the show. Who would want to live vicariously through a serial killer?

  5. Anon and 1:26 - you are not a sicko.

    Nothing more compelling than forbidden love, where two people having feelings that society won't accept, especially when it's made "safe" by having them not DNA related, and it's always been in the back of the audience's minds because the actors went there in real life.

    The chemistry and history of the actors makes it all the more compelling to the audience. And yea, it's a total kick. I've been waiting for this since season 1, when it was obvious to me as soon as I figured out that Rudy was Dexter's brother - that Deb had fallen so in love with Brian/Rudy specifically because he reminded her of Dexter.

    As far as the actors, it's probably less awkward than you think, and perhaps even therapeutic.

  6. Maybe everything about Gellar and Travis can be explained by Travis is a psycho, but there is a BIG flaw of this season, DOES TRAVIS KNOW WHO DEXTER IS AND WHY DOESN’T HE ASK?
    (And surely dex has to be aware of that and would raise the same question, also dex should also see travis as a threat to Harrison, esp dex knows travis is smart too and beat him more than once already, hasn’t he learnt his lesson about rita’s death?)

    Hope it will be explained in the last 2 eps or the whole story doesn’t really add up, anyone agree?

  7. I think the Louis thing is certainly more complicated than him just being a serial killer aficionado. IMO he certainly has some knowledge of Dexter's habits. Firstly, he hid the fact that his game was about serial killers, even created an alternative game about the homicide department, and telling Jamie that he wanted to talk to Dexter about his expertise in the field of blood spatter, when he actually wanted his expertise about serial killers. Why would he specifically want Dexter's opinion on a game about serial killers?

    My guess would be that he has been tracking Dexter's computer activities, possibly for a while, seeing him match blood samples of people who go missing soon after, perhaps he even knows that he is the real Bay Harbour butcher and therefore the 'most successful serial killer in history', and idolises him as a result. With Dexter being so dismissive of him, perhaps feels he will have to prove something to him, maybe by becoming a BHB copycat, or by trying to latch on to Dexter in some unwelcome way.

    Of course I'm probably wrong but It'll be interesting to find out.

  8. I get the idea of Dexter and Deb…but I think it’s doubtful and may cause some Dexterholics to have a shit fit. Lol That being said, having watched Boardwalk Empire last night, I get how the thought could be running through some heads.

    Regardless of how this season turns out, I think a bigger question mark is the scandal with Mathews. I think this will end up being a game changer for Dexter. So here it is, cue the Darth Vader voice,…MATHEWS IS DEXTER’S BIOLOGICAL FATHER!!!!!!

    Reason 1. Driscoll, who was presumed to be Dexter’s biological father and who donated blood (AB blood type…universal donor) to Dexter, killed by Brian and cremated before Dexter could do a blood test. i.e. Could have been Brian’s biological father, but not necessarily Dexter’s. Why would it be so important for Dexter to receive blood from Driscoll? They are both AB- which means they can receive blood from anyone! And having the same blood type does not prove anything.

    Reason 2. Mathews has a thing for prostitutes. It’s possible that he slept with Dexter’s Mom, and knocked her up. When she came forward to him after Dexter was born and started asking for money from Mathews, he decided to kill her in a storage container and leave the kids. Here’s where things are unclear, but plausible. Does Harry Morgan know of Mathew’s love of prostitutes? Furthermore, does Mathews know that Dexter is his and asks Harry to take him in? That would explain why Brian was sent to an institution and Dexter wasn’t. Or does Harry find out later on when he starts looking at the events surrounding that murder? Perhaps Harry was getting too close to the truth about Mathews and Mathews killed Harry and made it look like a suicide…i.e. like he’s about to with Deb.

    As mentioned, Driscoll could be Brian’s biological father, but may not b Dexter’s. i.e. Brian and Dexter are only half brothers. Regardless, Mathews has a huge tie to Dexter’s past and I feel he has a big role to play moving forward.

    P.S. I’m sure I may not have been the first person to think this and am not looking for a round of applause as I could be way off. Just gotsta thinking and thought I would put it on paper.

  9. Anon at 2:26

    Again and again it seems like people watch the show, but don't really watch the show. Key plot points and foreshadowing are missed.

    Reason 1 shoots you down.

    Dexter DID do a blood test. Joe Driscoll was his bio dad. Remember Deb freaking out after Masuka called with the results? "It's a match, Joe was your bio dad!" Brian knew it. End of Story. The thing he was too late for, was checking for the injection that Brian used to kill Joe.

  10. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense for Matthews to be involved in Dexter's past, not his real dad as Anon@2.26 suggests but certainly having some knowledge that Harry trained Dexter.

    Deb has some leverage on Matthews now, so he'll not be able to force her out of her job as he wants to. But perhaps his leverage will be in the form of telling deb about having some unspecified knowledge about her brother that would send him to jail for a long time, which would inevitably lead to Deb finding out the whole truth.

    Perhaps Matthews will even end up on Dexter's table.

    Either way, the writers have opened up some really interesting threads over the last couple of episodes and I'll be interested to see where they all lead.

  11. My bad...was a fun theory while it lasted.

  12. 2:52 I like that idea. Maybe Matthews had evidence that Dexter was the BHB back in season two but covered it up and let it be blamed on Doakes because he secretly approved of Dexter's work and wanted to protect him.

  13. Anon at 3:34

    Back in Season 2, when Dexter got called in to Lundy, and Matthews tells him to open up the blood slide box. He gave this look to Dexter like. "Hey buddy, you screwed up big time. You know you aren't supposed to get caught."

    I always felt the actor was told to play that scene that way for a reason.

  14. 4:54, I'm pretty sure Lundy knew about Dexter, but it's an interesting idea that maybe Matthews knows. Definitely plausible (and could play out in a really cool way).

  15. Matthews knows about Dexter? give me a break. Of all the irrational suggestions this one takes the case. I rewatched the bloodslide box from season 2 just to make sure i didnt miss something, and i dont think i did. If the writers decided just NOW to make matthews have a connection to dexter, it would take their awful writing to a new height. THe only way this couldve happened wouldve been in dexters childhood, and there's no way harry just allowed matthews to know and not even tell dexter.

    As for Louis, i think the poster who sugggested BHB copycat hit the nail right on the head. Season 6 should end with a scene of Louis doing his first BHB copycat kill(possibly even of travis?) setting up a compelling second plotline for the endgame in addition to Deb (and possibly the department) finding out about Dex

  16. I agree with Anonymous 8:25 ,,,I mean come on ..thats just stupid really. Matthews DOES NOT know about Dexter and he sure as shit is not his real Father. SHeesh. Anyways. I thought at first that this episode might be a little slow ..but it just got better and better in my opinion., and that freaking look on Travis' face right after he slit that woman's throat was just disturbing. Colin Hanks has been incredible this season, To be honest, when I first heard Colin Hanks was playing a villain on the new season I was very skeptical ....but he has been amazing. Better than Almos really. He has alot of range. he played the victim very very well and now, as we saw clearly in this episode, he can sure as shit play the hell out of a disturbed and deranged psychopath. Another great episode, I can't wait for the finale. I know it's going to turn things upside down. And I read a few comments last week that some people thought that Deb was going to realize, thru her therapist, that she is in love with Dexter and I thought BULLSHIT. But after that preview, damn it all looks like they are about to kiss or something ....and if that happens then woah ...I don't even know ...I am SO STOKED to see the last 2 episodes. ....what an amazing season this has been yet

  17. Jessie:

    I've had a weird vibe about Dexter and Deb for years and every time I would mention it, Dexter fans would jump all over my ass and scream at me about how stupid I was. It just always seemed like it was written a certain way.

    So all these things the psychologist is telling her, I was like "AHA! AHA! See! I am not imagining it!" And damned if my hunch isn't playing out. Now I, I don't know how far the writers are going to take it, or if they have the stones to really lay it out there, but now the cat is at of the bag that at least the "feelings" are there.

    I feel vindicated after five years of being one of the lone wolves howling in the woods, and taking all the abuse as a result. =P

    Now, I am not saying Matthews knows. But I just always felt like there was something up with him. The weird looks he gave Dexter. The fact that Matthews KNEW that Brian Moser was Dexter's brother. That he covered up Harry's death... that's the one that really bugs me.

    I always ask these "What If" questions. I am not saying "this is" I am just wondering these things.

    #1 What if Matthews was the leak in the case that got Laura Moser killed? What if Matthews was the one tied to the drug dealers and had Jiminez follow Laura to Harry?

    #2 What if it was Matthews who prodded Harry to train Dexter?

    #3 What if Harry didn't "OD" on his heart meds. Hydralazine is a brutal death if you OD on the oral pills, but Hydralazine and other drugs similar can also be injected via needle, causing instant death. Both the KGB and Russian Mafia have used it in murders, and British doctor was busted big time for using to kill his patients.

    See where the writers could go with this? Not saying they will, but they have left these loopholes open.

  18. I noticed there was something between Deb and Dex since season one. There were too many occourances where there seemed like there was a spark between them. From Deb crying in Dex's arms in the ambulance after she was saved from Brian to Dexter being jealous of the photographer when he told Deb he would love to take pics of her with her clothes off (he jumped to the top of Dexter's people to kill list when he thought he was the killer even though the photographer was innocent despite Dex killing him. Course that is not why Dex killed him and I am aware of that.) To Dexter holding Deb's hand while she was recovering in the hospital after she got shot or hugging a crying Debra in a parking lot where Lundy got shot. The most noticable moment where there was a spark was in the first episode of season five when Dexter tried telling Debra he was a bad person and she hugged him; his reaction to her hug and the awkwardness between her before she walked out the door made me wonder if this was Dex showing some feeling for Deb.

  19. Anon at 12:23

    I don't think Dexter ever thinks of it in terms of romantic love, but almost certain Deb (and now Harrison) are above everyone else in his mind.

    A: He kills his brother to protect her. He wants to set his brother free, but he knows Deb will never be safe with Brian alive. He chooses Deb. Brian protests "But she's not your real sister." Dex knows that, but it doesn't matter to him. She is most important, so Biney gets his throat slit.

    It's everywhere in the series, even in the small details. Dexter has this major issue with hand holding. People try to hold his hands, but he always pulls them away,like with Carmella, who he was very close too and was dying of cancer. He narrates: "Hand holding, so intimate, so awkward, I just don't get it."

    Likewise, Rita tries to hold his hand and he rolls his eyes and looks very uncomfortable.

    But in the hospital with Deb, when she was stabbed. Watch him, he just reaches out for her hand "boom!" instinctive, no thought, no "trying" to be social. It's actually Deb who gets uncomfortable and pulls her hand away when he's drilling her with questions , how is that for a reverse?

    Deb on the other hand, feels more, obviously.

    No woman is good for Dexter, except the woman SHE herself picks for him (Rita). And why does she pick Rita? She chooses a beaten down woman, who is nothing like herself. She is constantly checking in on every facet of their relationship. She makes out with her boyfriend wildly in front of Dex and Rita, both to make Dexter jealous, and to assert her own sexual dominance over Rita.

    Then she wants to know every detail about Dexter and Rita's sex life. Even harassing Dexter about what "noises" Rita makes when they have sex. Why the HELL would any sister ask questions like that? Even if she is foul mouthed, that was the clincher for me.

    We don't even have to discuss Lila and the catfight there... everyone remembers that. Her response to Lumen was over the top territorial jealousy. She hated the first nanny Dexter liked, and this season she was squaring off with Jamie from day one. Yea, it was always pretty obvious to me.

  20. *correction Shot, not stabbed, in the 4th book she was stabbed, in the 4th season she was shot.

    I am still convinced that Lindsay and the writers of the show coordinate with each other on some details.

  21. I've watch dexter since the start and think that people are seeing things that aren't there, dexter and deb signs since the first season?????? They haven't been there, if you try hard enough you could make any theorie sound plauseable, but this isn't. The Dexter Deb thing will just show that they're the only people that they trust leading to a Deb knows story line. As for louis i'm not sure weather he wants to be like dexter or is he related??? The story line around Dexters real family doesn't go to deep leading to possible brothers, cousins etc maybe he has a 'dark passenger' himself and wants to join dexter but after the rejection will as people have said become a serial killer (not this season but i think it will end with him setting up his first kill. Hopefully Deb doesn't get with Dex, maybe partner in crime or setting up a catch dexter season, either way have enjoyed the Dexter the last couple of weeks and looking forward to a season they leave open so we're looking forward to it, usually story lines are closed at the end of a season

  22. Hi guys! i was wondering if i can download the game of Louis(Masuka's secretary). Thank you!

  23. @ANONYMOUS 1:26

    I guess I must be a sicko too because I kinda like the idea of a Dex/Deb romance. I called it a couple of weeks ago and I think it might transpire. I still think it would be a little upsetting for a lot of Dex fans. I am from the Appalachia mountains in Ky where it is rumored that us hillbilly"s marry are relatives anyway so I think that must be why I am OK with it....

  24. I have seen dexter episode 11

    and It's huge. It's damn laughable the sneak peaks are all Dexter casually defecating a statue and Deb in therapy as if it's almost business as usual.

    Quin dies. He saves Batista from almost being burnt alive in Beth's apartment but is racked with how useless a liability he has become because he caused Batista to be caught off guard and alone, and consequently helped Wormwood go into motion when it could have been stopped by taking Travis at the apartment if Batista had back up.

    Wormwood makes it into the station and when it's about to go off, knowing they'll never get everyone away in time, Quinn takes the device away instead locking himself in a room with it and dying a pretty harsh death whilst everyone evacuates. Almost everyone.

    Because not only that, but he has what can best be described as a Kirk/Spock moment from Wrath Of Khan with Dexter where he tells him to take care of Deb, no matter what, even if it means taking care of someone else (as in kill) like he did with Liddy. And there's a camera recording with audio.

    That's not even the end of the episode. Whilst Dex is going toe to toe with Travis in a lake of fire on the yacht, Deb is being asked by Matthews to cover for him with the dead call girl, and makes rather direct implications it is a code between badges which he himself has honoured with her father (referring to covering up his suicide, not Dexter), and that one day she may have to ask him for help just like he is asking her.

    She says she needs to think about it too much has happened today. Travis is still at large whilst Dexter is drowning amid the remains of the yacht when Louis turns up and says Elliot told him he might be needing his help. The Holy *beep* look on Dexter's face is immediate rewind material.

    Trumped only by this. The episode ends with Deb tearfully watching Quin's final moments. She calls Matthews and says she'll do it.

    She now knows Dexter killed Liddy.

  25. I don't think anyone ever said Dexter is going to get with Deb. The point is that there are "feelings there". I think that's why she will be able to accept her brother being a murderer. That has always been my point.

    However, after all this hand-wringing and whining, and people threatening to quit the show over such a little thing like subconscious thoughts or feelings of love or attachment between two people that have gone through hell together,I am beyond annoyed with Dexter fans.

    Since people cannot handle subtext and understandable underlying "emotions", I say to hell with playing it subtle. If people are that dumb, just give them what they wanna cry about so they can cry. So from now on, for the rest of the show, I am just going to be cheering for Dexter and Deb to hump like bunny rabbits every episode. Matter of fact, I hope Dexter likes it so much he no longer has to kill people.

    Because anyone who's morals are so completely whacked off that they are offended by a feeling, a look, or a kiss between foster siblings, while accepting wholesale murder and the butchering of human beings like cattle, deserves a wake-up call. You cannot sanitize the former, and then take a moral stand against the latter. I really don't know where this moral outrage over a therapy session and some feelings comes from. It's moronic.

  26. Pradep,

    Are you Lester Patel's brother? ;)

    Thanks for the awesome spoiler, you ruined my week! Well not really. Nice one by the writers, it's Liddy that leads her to the truth... unexpected.

  27. Pradip, Thanks! I'm a fan of spoilers so much appreciated!

    Was the Dexter/Deb sexual/romantic thing just a red herring or did it get played out in some way?

  28. Unless the writers have decided to go full-on Soap Opera with this show, the romantic look in the preview will be a tease at something that has no romantic undertone whatsoever. at least thats what im praying for.

    If Pradip's spoiler is accurate, then it looks like this season can yet be saved. I'd of liked for them to kill a more major character than Quinn, but I guess with 2 seasons left they kinda have to save their bullets. This will also make for an anticlimactic 12th episode since the main-character kill off will have already occurred (can anyone REALLY see them off-ing 2?) and Deb will have found out Dexter has killed people (her realizing the full extent is almost certainly not gonna come til season 7 or 8)

    So episode 12 would likely just be Dexter/Miami Metro going after Travis.... We've been down that road before with Trinity, Jordan Chase, and Brian... and I don't think Travis ranks favorably with any of those villains - even Chase.

    Of course, another aspect to the Louis character could be revealed in episode 12... like a BHB copycat kill.... that'd be pretty awesome.

  29. 4:31 Also the role Eliot is now playing. Assuming Pradip is accurate how does Louis know Eliot? How does Eliot know Dexter needs his help? Does Eliot know something about Dexter?

    I can't imagine that things would come crashing down around Dexter that substantially, but maybe Deb + Louis and Eliot have some kind of sense of who Dexter is. Not full on knowledge, but aspects of what he is up to.

    If Eliot is involved it will renew my urge for Dexter to have gutted him when he dropped the knives in front of him in season five.

  30. Who the hell is Eliot?

  31. @4.41

    Isn't Eliot the name of the search engine that Louis advised Dexter to use a few episodes ago?

  32. 4:58

    Whew, thanks. I got confused by this:

    "If Eliot is involved it will renew my urge for Dexter to have gutted him when he dropped the knives in front of him in season five."

    I was thinking, "I don't remember a dude named Eliot dropping knives in front of Dexter in season 5... WTF?"

  33. HAHAHAAHAHAH Rita's next door neighbor Elliot?! Hahahaha. I guess the writer's should chosen a difference name for Louis' search engine

  34. Totally confusing! I was like... wait, Rita's neighbor is in cahoots with Louis or DDK? What? Where?

    I need a drink.

  35. Ohhhhhhhh. Right. The search engine. I was confused. It seemed weird that Rita's neighbor was coming back out of no where.

  36. It almost feels like Louis is going to become Robin to Dexter's Batman. Everyone take a shot if before the end of the season he says "I work alone kid".

  37. Ive seen the new episode, talk to the hand and it really blew my mind. Wormwood ends up killing deb and dexter realises that not once but twice now he couldve taken out two killers taht evenyually ended up killing rita and then deb. He loses the litle bit of sanity he has left and goes on a killing spree. Kidding, itd be cool do!!

  38. Whats the story with dexter telling deb that the room full of blood was his reason 4 having a panic attack? This was the last few eps of season 1, he didnt even know what happened his mother at that stage. Im fairly sure im right here, anyone disagree??? Its little things like this that are really pissing me about the show and anytime hes stalking someone he seems to be parked more or less in there fcuking driveway as they walk out. Whats up with this shit?

  39. @3.08

    The room full of blood was the ITK's way of making Dexter realise what had happened to his mother. He drained all his victims' blood and saved it for the hotel and when Dexter saw it all he started having flash backs, which he used in combination with the other clues that the ITK left to figure out what happened to him as a kid.

  40. 3:08 and 4:25

    The flashbacks actually started with "Shrink Wrap" after he was hypnotized by the psychiatrist. But they became full blown in the blood room his brother set up for him.

    Telling Deb that was a huge moment, Dexter had never shared that with anyone, not even Rita. He always just told Rita that his mother was murdered in front of him, not how, or about the blood.

  41. @Pradip Patel

    Are you for real? I hope that was a well drawn out fake storyline. If you was going to drop that on us you could have at least gave us a spoiler alert. Damn, at first I just thought it was another random blogger making shit up, but if you were telling the truth you need to be writing for the show!

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