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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Desmond Harrington to Guest on 'Justified' Season 3 Premiere

Via "Imagine our surprise when we popped in the upcoming Justified Season 3 premiere (not-so-subtle brag intended) and Desmond Harrington appeared on the screen.
It turns out the Dexter star has a (formerly) top-secret guest spot on the FX drama’s season opener, and while we can’t say much, we can tell you this: Harrington’s character is a total badass boasting a deep Southern accent and ties to Jere Burns’ Wynn Duffy (who is back in a big way this winter). For now, the role is a one-off gig, but this is Justified, so you never know when someone might resurface."


  1. Justified is a great show - for Walton Goggins. Olyphant needs to get his balls back for next season. Margo Martindale another dex ex was on last season and was phenomenal. shame he won`t have a larger role, he`s grown on me this season, plays Quinn really well.

  2. I love me some Justified, this is a great add to a great show. I know I'm in the minority when I think, Desmond gave his best performance this season.

  3. He really is great as drunk Quinn.

  4. Too bad he will be killed off this Sunday.