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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dexter Season 7 - Fanmade Posters

2012 means Dexter Season 7. Let's say goodbye to 2011, with some great fanmade posters about the next season. Click the link below to see others...

Happy Birthday, James Remar!

Today James Remar turns 58! Born William James Remar in Boston, Massachusetts on December 31, 1953. He has spent the majority of his film career playing villains. Remar was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dexter Morgan's adoptive father, Harry Morgan. He also had a role in the 2009 horror movie The Unborn (this film also had actor C.S. Lee, who portrays Vince Masuka in Dexter). Happy birthday James!

Happy Birthday, David Zayas!

Today David Zayas turns 42! Born on December 31, 1969 in Puerto Rico, but raised in the Bronx borough of New York City, Zayas joined the United States Air Force early in life, where he gained skills that would lead him to join the New York City Police Department after he was discharged from service. Zayas' career as a police officer in turn allowed him to develop as a character actor, leading to a series of acting jobs on television and film mainly playing law enforcement officers. On Dexter he plays the role of St. Angel Batista. Happy B-day David!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, C.S. Lee!

Today C.S. Lee turns 40! Born in South Korea on December 30, 1971 he is also known as Charlie Lee, got the acting bug his junior year of High School while playing football. Film became his passion. He attended Cornish College of the Arts on an acting scholarship and graduated with his BFA. He continued his acting training at the Yale School of Drama graduating with an MFA. He then spent eight years in NYC acting with various theater companies, regional theater as well as TV & Film. He now resides in Los Angeles. He currently plays the role of Vince Masuka on the hit Showtime series "Dexter" starring Michael C. Hall. Happy Bday C.S.!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

BIG POLL: Rate Dexter Season 6 From 1 to 10

Another season of Dexter is over. Now that everyone has watched all the episodes, let's rate season 6 from 1 to 10. Vote below!

Coming In January - The TOP 10 Moments of Season 6

10 videos, 10 top moments, 10 favorites scenes from the sixth season of Dexter. Coming this January. What are your favorite scenes from season 6?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

POLL: Who Was Your Favorite New Character From Season 6?

Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, Mos Def, Aimee Garcia, Billy Brown and Josh Cooke were the guest cast of season 6. Barring the unexpected, the last 3 of them will continue in season 7. Which of these characters was you favorite this year? Vote below!

Monday, December 26, 2011

"LIKE" Our New Facebook Dexter Page!

Happy Holidays Dexperts! Click the like button above to "like" our new official Dexter fan page on Facebook! The current facebook page "Dexter Gr - Daily Season 5 News" will be closed soon.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Michael C. Hall Sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Let's remember Michael C. Hall singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. The video is from last year;s interview of Michael, on Jimmy Fallon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Dexperts!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

VIDEO: Brea Grant Talks About Her Experience on Dexter

Brea Grant played Masuka's lab intern in the first episodes of season 6. She talks about the show, a possible return in season 7 and more. The Dexter part of the interview begins after 5:00. Clcik the link below to see it!

Friday, December 23, 2011

TOP 10 - The Best Quotes of Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends"

The season finale episode of Season 6 "This is the Way the World Ends" aired a few days ago. Click the link below to read the TOP 10 quotes of this episode and tell us in the comments what's your favorite!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

BIG POLL: Vote Your 4 Favorite Episodes of Dexter Season 6

Now that season 6 is officially over, it's time to vote our favorite episodes of this season. You can vote 4 of your favorite episodes below!

Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter and More [Interview]

Via Michael C. Hall has largely become famous for his roles involving dead people, first as a funeral director in Six Feet Under and as a murderous sociopath in Dexter, now in its sixth season. In New Zealand to promote the latter, he talks to Rebecca Barry Hill about his success, surviving cancer and finding meaning in nature.

Life is short. No one knows this better than Dexter, your friendly television serial killer who, unlike the murderers he dispatches, has survived six seasons. Michael C. Hall, the actor who plays him, knows it too. The Golden Globe winner arrived in New Zealand with little fanfare last month, accompanied by his manager and his best friend, Ben. Sitting on a park bench overlooking the morning sunlight glittering on Auckland's waterfront, dressed in jeans and a grey hoodie, he has the wistful look of a tourist - and an itinerary like one too. Click the link below to read more...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scott Buck: "Everyone Is Always in Danger On 'Dexter'"

Via (Spoiler warning: Don't read this if you don't want to know what happens in the "Dexter" season finale.)

"Dexter" is a show obsessed with blood. So maybe fans shouldn't have been so surprised -- to say nothing of shocked, baffled, and repulsed -- by the so-called "incest" storyline between siblings Dexter and Deborah Morgan this season.

The pair aren't blood relatives, after all: Show runner Scott Buck tells TheWrap that writers have considered the possibility that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) might carry romantic feelings for Dexter (Michael C. Hall) almost since the start of the show, even though it took her until Sunday's season six finale to truly realize it. (Carpenter and Hall must have seen the possibilities; they were briefly married during the show's run.)

"It's an idea that has been talked about in the writer's room, I think, from at least season two," Buck said Monday. "It just felt like those kind of feelings were very integral to the character of Deborah, that she was in love with her brother without even realizing it. It's something we'd always talked about and it just felt like it was time to finally deal with that issue." Read more after the jump below...

POLL: What Did You Think of the Final Scene of Season 6?

Finally, she knows! What did you think of the finale scene of season 6? Vote below!

Latest From Ask Ausiello - Dexter Season 7 Scoop

Latest from Michael Ausiello - Click the link below to read the latest scoop about Dexter Season 7...

Jennifer Carpenter: "Gigs Like Dexter Don't Come Along Often"

Via Jennifer Carpenter stars as Debra Morgan on Showtime's hit show Dexter, which just wrapped its six season Sunday night. As Dexter's adoptive, foul-mouthed sister, Carpenter has become a fan favorite. But unlike her Dexter character, you won't find her dropping one curse word (especially around her family).

"I think they were a little disappointed when I took it on in my own life! My father made me aware of my bad mouth over one Thanksgiving meal and I corrected it right away. It is incredibly unattractive in my opinion," the actress told

Carpenter, dished on the success of Dexter, her relationship with co-star Michael C. Hall [the two recently finalized their divorce after separating a year ago], and the one show she'd love to be a guest star on.
On playing Dexter's smart aleck sister.
"I love playing her because I learn a lot from her. She sort of acts without thinking, which is a luxury that I don't really have. I like that she is always operating from her gut. I really admire her. She's good at her job and she's relentless about making sure her personal life is in tact. She does a lot of work on herself as a woman, as a friend, as a sister, and as an aunt." Read more after the jump below...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Executive Producer Scott Buck: "We Finally Pulled the Trigger"

Via Warning: Spoilers from Sunday night’s Dexter finale below: Debra knows! But loves him! Like reaaaally loves him. On Sunday night’s Dexter finale, Debra confessed to having non-brotherly love for Dexter, then caught him in the act of ritualistically murdering the Doomsday Killer. Below, showrunner Scott Buck talks to EW about the sixth season, that game-changing final scene and what it might all mean for the final two seasons:

EW: Please tell me that final scene wasn’t, like, a dream or something.
SCOTT BUCK: No, we finally did it. It was a long time coming and we finally pulled the trigger.

Will the next season start, I hope, right where this one left off?
We’ll certainly start somewhere very close to that point addressing all these issues. We started this season one year later and we’re certainly not going to do that. Read more after the jump below!

VIDEO: First Season 6 Finale Interview With Colin Hanks on Stupid For Dexter

Colin Hanks gives Streamin' Garage his first interview following the Dexter Season 6 finale. He reveals when he and other cast members knew the secret of Professor Gellar, tells behind the scenes stories about the cast including Michael C Hall and Edward James Olmos and takes questions from fans.

New Dexter Season 6 Poster by Ty Mattson

To commemorate the sixth season of DEXTER, award-winning graphic designer (and die-hard DEXTER fan) Ty Mattson has created an original poster inspired by the iconic elements of this season. See details after the jump below...

Dexter Season 7 - Coming In 2012

Dexter returns for Season 7 in 2012. See above Showtime's photo about the next season. A bleeding hand. (Click to enlarge).

Dexter Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: All Out of Luck

Dexter Season 6 Finale recap by Richard Rys, Say what you will about Season 6 — and the consensus seems to be that this has been the most inconsistent and possibly the worst Dexter chapter of all — the final moments of last night’s finale felt like redemption. Sure, there were still plenty of the obvious plot holes that have plagued the show recently and almost no attention was paid to anyone other than Travis, Debra, and Dexter (this episode could have also been titled “Getting Travis Marshall”). But though it was inevitable that Deb would one day meet Dexter’s dark side, the questions of when and how have been looming large. As Season 4 will be remembered as the John Lithgow season, a.k.a. When Rita Was Killed, Season 6 of Dexter has become When Debra Learned Her Brother Was a Killer, a.k.a. When Debra Also Realized She Wants to Make Sex With Her Brother. As spectacular as some of those tableaus were, DDK now feels like a footnote. Read more after the jump...

Dexter Boss Scott Buck on the Season Finale Twist

Via [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday's season finale of Dexter. Read at your own risk.]
For six seasons of Dexter, Michael C. Hall's titular serial killer has hidden his true nature from those closest to him. But on the Showtime series' Season 6 finale, Dexter's "Dark Passenger" was finally revealed to his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), who walked in on him stabbing a knife through the chest of Colin Hanks' Travis. And to top it off, just moments before, Deb realized/admitted she was actually in love with her adopted brother.

How will she feel now that she knows Dexter has a seriously killer hobby? chatted with executive producer and showrunner Scott Buck to get the scoop on how the siblings will move forward from this discovery. Plus: Does Dexter need to die?

Deb finally knows! This is six seasons in the making. How do you feel now that this particular secret is out?
Scott Buck: I wouldn't say we dragged it out, but we played with it and toyed with it enough and now it's finally time to deal with it head-on. I feel very positive that we took this step. Read the interivew after the jump below...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dexter - Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" (Season Finale) - Ratings News

via press release: "Homeland" DELIVERS SHOWTIME'S MOST WATCHED FRESHMAN FINALE EVER. "DEXTER" On Pace For Its Highest-Rated Season Yet

· The season one finale of Homeland drew 1.71 million viewers at 10 p.m. and 2.03 million viewers for the night, the highest-rated finale for a freshman series in SHOWTIME history.
  Sunday's finale shattered prior ratings benchmarks, up 58 percent above the series premiere (1.08 million viewers), delivering the series best ratings to-date.
 The series continued to build over the course of its first season, and has become SHOWTIME's highest rated freshman series ever.
· Homeland now ranks as SHOWTIME's No. 2 rated series behind only DEXTER.
· With 8 weeks of complete data, Homeland season one is averaging 4.23 million total viewers across platforms

· The season six finale of DEXTER garnered 2.23 million viewers at 9 p.m. and 2.71 million viewers for the night, the series best telecast of the year and highest-rated night.
· DEXTER's finale is the most watched telecast on the network in 2011.
· With 8 weeks of complete data, DEXTER season six is averaging 5.4 million total viewers across platforms, +10% above last season through the same time frame, and on pace to have its highest-rated season ever.

POLL: After the Final Scene of the Season Finale...

If you didn't watch the season 6 finale ignore this post! Another season of Dexter is over. Episode 6.12 "This is the Way the World Ends" has ended with a shocking cliffhanger! What will happen next? Vote below!

VIDEO: Scott Buck Discusses the Season 6 Finale of Dexter

Scott Buck discusses the season finale episode of Dexter, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to see the video...

Dexter Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions, Talks Season 6 Criticism and Teases Season 7

If you didn't watch the finale stop reading now! Via Though the reviews of this season’s Dexter have been mixed, there’s one thing nobody’s debating: the impact of the one-two punch the Showtime hit delivered in Sunday’s finale. Not only did Deb admit that she was into her adoptive brother, but she also got a good look at his “dark passenger.”

Will the series really “go there” with the semi-siblings? Can they, now that she knows his secret? To find out, TVLine rang up exec producer Scott Buck

TVLINE | Was Deb developing romantic feelings for Dexter always part of the show’s grand plan?
It was something we realized very early on. It was not necessarily a plan, but it was something we all felt was in the DNA of that character. It just sort of made sense when we started to examine why she was the way she was. It wasn’t necessarily something we were always working towards, but when we examined it it seemed — at least on some sort of subconscious level — like that’s the direction it had always been going. Click the link below to read more...

New Dexter Season 7 Scoop by Scott Buck

Click the link below to read a new spoiler about Dexter Season 7, by the executive producer of the show, Scott Buck...

Dexter - Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" (Season 6 Finale) - [Open Thread]

Official synopsis: Dexter and Homicide race against a lunar eclipse to catch the Doomsday Killers before their final gruesome act; Debra struggles with a new emotional reality.

Written by: Scott Buck and Wendy West
Directed by: John Dahl

What. An. Ending. Another season of Dexter is over Dexperts! The season 6 finale aired yesterday. I can't tell something more about the episode yet because there are fans who didn't watch it! So... what did you think of the season finale? What was your favorite scene? What did you think of the shocking final scene? Tell us your opinion in the comment section!

Dexter Season 6 Finale - 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" - Review

Dexter Season 6 Finale review By Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dexter season 6 returns to reveal its twelfth, and final entry with this week’s shockingly revelatory season finale “This is the Way the World Ends,” as our favorite serial killer faces his final confrontation with Travis Marshall after last week's explosive "Talk to the Hand," and Deb stumbles upon a shocking truth about her brother. "This is the Way the World Ends" sure had a lot on its plate to address for one episode, but optimism for the next few seasons don't quite quell the issues that season 6 created.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m almost unsure of what to say about tonight’s Dexter finale. It can be hard enough coming up with intelligent, thought-provoking things to say on an episode-to-episode basis that you might not have covered the previous week, but the reaction to this season of Dexter has been so strongly varied across the board it feels like nothing can quite cover what we’ve just been through these last three months.

First Dexter was at his high school reunion, then snake-filled religious murders popped up, Mos Def mumbled on about light and darkness, Quinn got drunk, Edward James Olmos wasn’t real, and then Deb fell in love with her brother. It’s hard to think about the nine hundred directions Dexter season 6 has gone off in without needing to sit down. Read more after the jump...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

POLL: What Did You Think of Dexter Season Finale 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends"?

The season 6 finale of Dexter just aired! What did you think of episode 6.12 "This is the Way the World Ends"? Vote below!!

LIVE CHAT: Dexter Season 6 Finale - Join the Conversation!

6.12 "This is the Way the World Ends": Watch the episode & chat! Click the link below to continue!

Tonight's The Night | 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" (Season 6 Finale)

The time is nigh and the end is near... On tonight's Season 6 finale, Dexter and Homicide race against a lunar eclipse to catch the Doomsday Killers before their final gruesome act; Debra struggles with a new emotional reality.

Excited for tonight's episode of Dexter? Click the "like" button below!

'Dexter' Finale Preview: What's the 'Big Ticking Bomb in the Background'?

Via Executive producer Sara Colleton weighs in on what's in store for everyone at Miami Metro ahead of Sunday's season–ender. Going into Sunday’s Dexter season finale, the Miami blood-splatter analyst with a Dark Passenger was seriously underwater having been left in a literal ring of fire after Travis (Colin Hanks), aka the Doomsday Killer, snaked his boat and left him in the middle of the sea.
With the Showtime drama already renewed for two additional seasons and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) honing her instincts as she leads the department, how will Dexter (Michael C. Hall) get out of this? Could Quinn (Desmond Harrington), who’s been spiraling out of control since Deb rejected his marriage proposal, pull it all together? How will Angel’s (David Zayas) capture and near death at the hands of Travis change him? And what about too-good-to-be-true intern Louis (Josh Cooke)?
With Miami Metro hot on the hunt – and getting a secret, not so discrete assist from Dexter – The Hollywood Reporter caught up with executive producer Sara Colleton to discuss what’s ahead for Sunday’s episode. Read more after the jump below...

Dexter - "This Is the Way the World Ends" S06E12 - Photos, Videos, Synopsis

D-Day #12. TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT FOR THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON 6. For those who missed the promo trailers and photos of episode 6.12, you can see them by clicking the links below.

Dexter Episode 6.12 / S06E12:
Promotional Photos | Promo Trailer | Sneak Peeks 1 & 2 | Synopsis

Dexter Season 6 Finale - YOUR PREDICTIONS

TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT DEXPERTS! It's time for the last episode of season 6, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to read some major questions about the season 6 finale, and tell us you predictions in the comment section!

POLL: If a Regular Character Dies In the Season Finale, Who Would It Be?

Tonight it's time for the last episode of season 6. Check out below a new prediction poll. If a major character dies in the season 6 finale, who would it be? Vote now!

Dexter - Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" (Season 6 Finale) - Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of tonight's episode of Dexter, 6.12 "The Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to read it...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dexter Is the Most Downloaded TV Show of 2011!

Via With 2011 nearing its end, today we begin our annual look at the most-pirated entertainment titles across various categories, starting with TV-shows. Dexter comes out on top this year, followed by HBO’s debut series Game of Thrones. Although the years of exponential growth in download numbers have passed, episodes of the top TV-shows are still shared among millions of people.

With 3,620,000 downloads per single episode, Dexter has the honor of becoming the most pirated TV-show of the year.

Despite the fact that Dexter and runner-up Game of Thrones have more downloads than television viewers in the US, the overall number of TV-show downloads is leveling off.

Below we have compiled a list of the most downloaded TV-shows (single episode) of 2011, together with the viewer average for TV in the US. The data for the top 10 is collected by TorrentFreak from several sources, including reports from all public BitTorrent trackers.

POLL: The Dexter-Deb Kiss Scene Was...

A lot has been said about Debra's dream, kissing her brother-by-adoption on episode 6.11 "Talk to the Hand". What's you opinion? Vote below.

Executive Producer Sara Colleton Teases the Season 6 Finale of Dexter [Interview]

New interview with the Executive Producer of Dexter, Sara Colleton via Dexter Morgan has been nearly outed by co-worker (R.I.P., Doakes), landed on the Ice Truck Killer's table and discovered his dead wife in a bathtub of blood. But never before has Dexter's titular hero landed himself in such a pickle as being left for dead in the middle of the ocean.

In Season 6's penultimate episode Dexter (Michael C. Hall) neglected to take care of himself following the Wormwood incident at the station, leaving him easy prey to be kidnapped by Doomsday Killer Travis (Colin Hanks), who left the serial-killing blood spatter analyst in the middle of the sea surrounded by fire. However, swimming ashore is the least of Dexter's worries once Travis sets his sights on... Harrison.

Will Dexter be able to save his son from certain death? spoke with executive producer Sara Colleton to get the scoop on their final showdown. Plus: What's with Deb's naughty dreams about her brother?!

What will the ultimate showdown between Dexter and Travis look like?
Sara Colleton: People are fairly confident that, at the end of the day, Travis will be on the table and Dexter will survive. I think those odds are pretty good. But how that happens is a bit of a circuitous path for a finale. Historically, by the time we get to [Episode] 12, it is like a grand-slam race to the finish where... you know exactly what's going to happen and you just want to go along for the ride. But here, we threw a bit of spatter in the works with Dexter ending up in the middle of the ocean. Read more after the jump...

Dexter - Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" - Promotional Photos in HQ

SPOILER ALERT! 14 promotional photos about tomorrow night's season finale episode of Dexter, 6.12 "This is the Way the World Ends" in HQ. Click the link below to see others...

VIDEO: New Interview with Colin Hanks

Here is another interview with Colin Hanks on KROQ radio.

Live Chat During the Season Finale of Dexter!

Tomorrow night's the Night! Be here for the live chat in our blog. Available tomorrow from 8PM ET/PT. Join the conversation!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Colin Hanks: "Getting the Blood Knife to Work Was Incredibly Difficult"

Via Colin Hanks on Playing Dexter’s Doomsday Killer. There’s a lot to think about going into the season finale of Dexter: Incest! Intern Louis! Swords! But what has us especially thrilled is that the Doomsday Killer, played by self-professed “Ficus” personifier Colin Hanks, is going to kidnap Dexter’s son. If we learned anything this season — besides some unwanted Bible knowledge — it’s that Dexter really loves his son (as much as someone with a demanding Dark Passenger can, okay?). And that means: Insane Daddy Dexter Showdown. We spoke with Hanks ahead of the finale about shooting the show's climax with a toddler in tow, channeling a Columbine shooter (and the aforementioned Ficus plant) to play Travis Marshall, and glossing over the Book of Revelation.

How did you get the part?
It came through quasi-normal channels. The only thing that was sort of unusual was I got a phone call saying, “Hey, they want you; they wanna offer you this role,” which doesn’t happen very often. And so I had a phone conversation with [producers] Scott Buck and Sara Colleton. They told me a little bit about the character and said, “I hope you’d consider doing it.” And the whole time, I’m sitting there like, “I don’t really have to consider.” So normal channels, but different than any other sort of job that I’ve ever done before. Read the full interview after the jump...

First Dexter Season 7 Spoiler by Sara Colleton

Season 6 is almost over. Before we watch the finale, click the link below to read the first major spoiler about Dexter Season 7 by the executive producer of the show, Sara Colleton...

POLL: Do You See Sheets of Plastic In Travis' Future?

2 days until the season finale of Dexter and here is another prediction poll about episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Do you think that Dexter, will kill Travis? Vote below!

Dexter - Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends" (Season 6 Finale) - Promotional Photos

12 promotional photos about the season finale episode of Dexter, 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Click the link below to see more...

Michael C. Hall on 'Dexter' Season 6 Finale: "It Won’t Be A [Spoiler Alert] Ending"

Via After season six of Dexter concludes this Sunday (Showtime, 9 p.m. ET), the show is slated for only another two seasons.

PARADE spoke to the Michael C. Hall about the much-anticipated finale and saying goodbye to Dexter Morgan, the oddly endearing serial killer he plays on the show.

Calling in from New York after a breathtaking trip to New Zealand to support the show, Hall tiptoed around details, but one thing was clear: There will be many surprises ahead.

“There is a sense of resolution, but there is some pretty fundamentally earthshaking things that happen as well,” says Hall about Sunday’s finale. Acknowledging that his statement left one wanting more, he added with a laugh, “I'm like Dexter's press secretary, so I have to saying something without saying anything.”

On a Deb and Dexter romance.
“The story has certainly been moving towards some sort of epiphany or recognition on her part. I think from the beginning, storytelling-wise, Dexter and Deb had a relationship that is as central to the story of the show as any. To the extent that they've been moving towards each other one way or another. That's been in the cards since the beginning. Obviously, we've been through things personally [the two recently finalized their divorce after separating a year ago], but we remain dear friends and fiercely committed to our work as actors on the show.” Read more after the jump below...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dexter & Homeland Season Finales "The End Is Near" - Promo

New promo which contains footage from the season 6 finale of Dexter. One night, two killer finales. Don't miss the season finales of Dexter and Homeland Sunday, December 18th beginning at 9PM ET/PT. Click the link below to watch it...

POLL: Do You Want a Cliffhanger Season 6 Ending?

Only 3 days left until the finale of the sixth season of Dexter! The end is near. What do you want from the forthcoming season finale? A cliffhanger ending, or not? Vote below!

Desmond Harrington to Guest on 'Justified' Season 3 Premiere

Via "Imagine our surprise when we popped in the upcoming Justified Season 3 premiere (not-so-subtle brag intended) and Desmond Harrington appeared on the screen.
It turns out the Dexter star has a (formerly) top-secret guest spot on the FX drama’s season opener, and while we can’t say much, we can tell you this: Harrington’s character is a total badass boasting a deep Southern accent and ties to Jere Burns’ Wynn Duffy (who is back in a big way this winter). For now, the role is a one-off gig, but this is Justified, so you never know when someone might resurface."