TOP 10 - The Best Quotes of Episode 6.07 "Nebraska"

Episode 7 of Season 6 "Nebraska" aired a few days ago. Click the link below to read the TOP 10 quotes of this episode and tell us in the comments what's your favorite!

10. "I've been lost before, after Rita died, after Lumen left. But now I've been found. Brian Moser my dead brother. It's been a long time since I've seen him." -Dexter

9. "Where in f*cktopia are you?" -Debra

8. "Road Trip!" -Brian

7. "When has love ever kept people from killing one another?" -Brian

6. "Wow. Love. Really? It's weird seeing you with a kid." -Brian

5. Dexter: -I know for a fact that Trinity did not killed anyone in this house.
    Jonah: -Was that because you killed him?
    Dexter: -Yes. Just like you killed your mother and your sister.

4. "A twister would do this town a favor" -Brian

3. "Death by Dexter. Fantastic idea! Kill him!" -Brian

2. "Welcome home, son" -Harry

1. "Hello, Dexter Morgan" -Jonah

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  1. Brian - "you don't turn the other cheek, you slice it".

  2. To be honest all ten are Great! Brians lines were perfect, so if I have to pick one, #3!
    Now that DEXTER has been RENEWED for TWO MORE SEASONS we are in store for alot more DEXTASTIC QOUTES! YAY

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