Sara Colleton: "Brian Represents What Dex Could Have Become Without Harry's Code" interviews Sara Colleton. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched last night's episode, stop reading now: "The hit Showtime series “Dexter” is tackling the issue of religion in its 6th season. We see Dexter Morgan struggling with understanding his path.

In last night's episode, a dying Brother Sam asks Dexter to deliver a message to his killer: Forgiveness. But when Dexter goes face-to-face with Sam’s killer, he knew that forgiveness was not what he deserved. Dexter kills the unremorseful man.

Brian Moser made his shocking return to the series. But what does it mean? asked that exact question to Dexter Executive Producer Sara Colleton. She talks openly about the shocking return, and what’s in store now for Dexter with his brother back. Read the interview by clicking the link below...

At the end of Episode 6, the viewers were stunned by the shocking return on Brian Moser. I sure was stunned when I saw him. Tell me about the decision of bringing back Brian Moser to the series.
Sara: In episode 606 we find Dexter in an unexpected dilemma. Bros Sam has made a deathbed wish that Dex put his darkness aside and learn the power of forgiveness. Bros Sam gives Dex the task of forgiving Nick for Sam’s death. During his hospital vigil, Dex ponders if this is even possible for him. We see/feel how much he wants to honor Sam’s wishes. But when Nick is not only not repentant, but gleeful, Dex’s Dark Passenger takes over with a vengeance. And Dex acutely feels that he has failed Sam. And what better way to illustrate this then to bring his brother, Brian Moser, aka Rudy the Ice Truck Killer, back to replace Harry.

Now we know Brian is technically dead, so seeing him would be like how Dexter sees Harry. How do you explain that Dexter now sees his dead brother? I’m guessing it has something to do with his dark side taking over? Now that Dexter sees Brian, will he also see Harry?
Sara: Brian represents what Dex could have become without Harry teaching him the Code. So Dex, in this moment of despair, lets Brian supplant Harry as his moral compass and inner sparring partner. And don’t forget that in episode 12 of the first season, Dex meets his brother as an adult for the first time and has to make a horrific choice. He can go off and have a life with his real blood brother but to do so, he must kill his foster sister Deb. He choses Deb over Brian. So in bringing Brian back we get to explore what this life together might have been.

Bringing back a dead character is always controversial, ghost/vision or not. Are you nervous about fan reaction? What would your response be to potential backlash?
Sarah: We love and respect our fans and always want to honor them but we can never let “fear” influence our creative choices.

Speaking of dead characters, Brother Sam getting killed off bummed me out. (laughs). He was awesome. But I understand why he needed to be killed off. Tell me about how Brother Sam’s character will affect Dexter in the future.
Sarah: Brother Sam leads by example. Sam tells Dex that he fights the darkness in himself every day, and this resonates with Dexter.

We are in midseason, what’s in store for the rest of the season? Give me a sneak-peek.
Sarah: Don’t mean to be coy but stay tuned…

Finally, I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately?
Sarah: CASE HISTORIES, the Kate Atkinson series on PBS Mysteries.

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  1. absolutely fantastic work this season! enjoying it very much indeed and truly awesome to see Biney back!

  2. You could tell Dexter had changed - even in the previews for next week, seeing him and Brian together in the car driving erratically look like a two spree killers running from the law. Im glad it was explained that Brian replaces Harry (at least for awhile) as his moral compass. Thats a good explanation. RC

  3. I love seeing Brian again! I am still sad about Brother Sam, and I did want Dexter to "see the light", but this should make for an interesting season (to say the least).

  4. Can't get over Brother Sam's death. I don't know why it should affect me so much, but 24 hours later and it still really hurts.

  5. I am so happy to see Brian (Rudy) back! Amazing show!

  6. Brian has always been my favorite character in the show and the books and seeing him back is a delight to me. An un-biest onpinion though is that this is a cool decisision. The most influential person in Dxters life has always been Harry so Harry has been there as a vision, as sort of a gaurdian angel. He was what set Dexter on the right path and Sam tried to do the same in a way, when dexter didnt respected sams wishes and killed nick Dexter regected Sams AND Harrys teachings. Now Dexter is heading more towrdeds a Brian like attitude and Brian appering in place of Harry shows that. I think it will be intresting to see Brian trying to teach Dexter to be like him, although i dont suspect it to last. Dexter is the "good" guy after all and when the decision comes he will pick Harry over Brian like in season 1 when he picked Deberoah over Brian. But again i will be very sad when it happens :( poor biney

  7. I think it would be cool to see Harry on one side and Brian on the other permanently. I personally think that`s how they will have the show ending, he won`t be discovered, locked in jail or anything so vanilla, I think that he will continue to see so many visions from his past that he will go mad and be institutionalised, and of course they will think he made it all up as there is no evidence as he cleans up after himself (although I realise they will have to get rid of the killtools and slides first). Realistically I think that his past will catch up with him, and someone will take revenge,( or , ironically take him out as a serial killer) although they seem to be using that this season.......

  8. Am I the only one who doesn't care that Brother Sam died? I don't like preachy people in reality, so I felt the same about him as Dexter did as far as the whole 'light inside' and 'God will protect us' thing goes. Definitely glad to see Biney again. Although Dex will realize that being like Biney will only get him caught, it's nice to see him cut loose once in a while. If Prof. Gellar is an apparition, I can't wait to see his body and find out how he dies and how his relationship with Travis was formed. There's a lot of material to work with, so I think it will be a surprise no matter what. Also, can't wait to see the return of the 'Trinity Killer' chapter which left some unanswered questions. Very happy about this season. I wonder if/when Astor and Cody will make an appearance any time in the season. Well, I'll just have to wait and see.

  9. I dont see how there could be a "backlash" for bringing back Brian. I was stunned, I love it. I know that Harrys code was given to Dex to protect him from getting caught. I guess I never saw the code as a 'safe-guard' for his darkness, maybe it was explained that way and I forgot haha. Its going to be very interesting, exciting, and a bit scary to see Dexter with no code or Harry. Now its the fullness of his Dark Passenger dictating how he kills ppl and who he can kill. Also, is this the first time we see Dexter using a gun? I dont remember him ever using one.

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