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What's up with [Spoiler Alert] on Dexter?
Don't read any further if you're not up to date on this show, but…Did someone say "road trip"? Oh yeah, that was Rudy (aka Brian aka the Ice Truck Killer), who lives (ahem) up to his name riding shotgun when Dex drives to Nebraska. He's either craving a genuine Omaha steak—or the Trinity Killer has resurfaced. Another ghost? Nope. (It's complicated.)

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  1. its his son whos killing (trinitys only boy I would be my money on that expecialy when he says HELLO DEXTER MORGAN! I bet dexter knows it and its trying to change him like he did with the other kid but fails and trinitys junior tryes to kill dexter probably cause he finds out that dexter is a serial killer and killed his dad :) idk but i think that what gonna happen and brian is on dexters mind to convice him to be more wild.

  2. Dexter and Brian driving in the car shooting out the window-- Dexter looks like a serial killer for the first time. Hopefully this will get REAL interesting as Brian pushes Dexter darkside (dark passenger) -- hopefully, to the limit. rc

  3. Excited to see what Brian has to say further about Deborah. Love how they're bringing up the Kyle Butler case again. Although it's weird-I got such a reassuring feeling that Jonah was becoming so independent last season and took a stand for his family against Arthur. He was always against his father if anything, and thought Arthur's death would change him for the better. Interesting.

  4. Well you gotta understand that we didn't see what effect finding out who his dad (Arthur) really was (Trinity) on Jonah. He only had that one scene in season 5. I bet learning that his own father brutally murdered so many people had a profound effect on him, and not in a good way.

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