''I'm Thankful for Dexter!'' - Dexter Thanksgiving Scene

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Let's remember a great Season 4 scene!

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  1. wahahahah...I miss Rita. Her ghost should come back for one episode too.

  2. You really did not just say that .....I was glad when she died

  3. Why would you be glad that a good person died?

    That's sick and demented.

    As a character she's beautiful, she's a good mom, and awesome wife. She's bubbly and funny as hell. I mean good grief, she covered up a felony for Dex! All she ever asked was that Dexter pay her some attention.

    Who would hate her?

    I do get that a show like this will attract a significant audience of young, video gaming, drug using, single white nerdy guys who have relationship issues aka Neil Perry from season one, and have maybe a few murder fantasies of their own - I get why THOSE guys hate Rita. You know women/mother issues. But who else would hate her?

    Um, ok, maybe jealous women and gay guys who are obsessed with Michael C. Hall and secretly wish they could have been there "instead of Rita", but you do know this is a TV show right? And that you are never going to get with Michael C. Hall, right?

    So lets just get over the Rita hating and get to the truth.

    Ever since Julie Benz has been gone from this show, it's never been the same. It's kinda sucked at times actually during season 5 and 6. TRUTH.

    I miss Rita more and more all the time. When she died I thought it was a good story, but in retrospect it was a huge mistake, just because that actress and character brought so much to the table on this show.

    Also if Rita were still around, Dexter and Deb would not always be a heartbeat away from ripping each other's clothes off! I mean the sexual tension between them is getting kinda unbearable lately.

  4. @Anonymous 1:31 AM
    I think your right.
    Rita was the perfect wife!

  5. i m thankful for michael c hall and showtime for bringing dexter tv series

  6. pfff, Rita was so annoying! i'm happy that she's gone. and i'm not young and i'm not gay :) end of story.

  7. Explain yourself. "How" is she so annoying? Does she remind you of the woman you always wanted and could never get? Or are you one of those guys trapped in an unhappy relationship, who is always being nagged and is projecting his relationship woes onto a TV character?

    Please, take a seat on the couch, and let us into the mind of a person who wants to see a woman dead because he finds her "annoying".

    I really don't get people who think this way and say these things. It makes me thing, yea, maybe this show IS bad for people.

    I could handle: "Dexter should have left her because she was annoying."

    But "I am glad she is dead because she was annoying." Well, that's kinda disturbing don't you think? Something wrong there...

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