Dexter - Episodes 6.07 "Nebraska" & 6.08 "Sin of Omission" - Big Spoilers has some big spoilers about the next two episodes of Dexter, 6.07 "Nebraska" and 6.08 "Sin of Omission": "During last week’s episode of Dexter, Brian Moser made his return to the series as Dexter’s dark(er)-passenger.

But what’s next for Dexter? I have seen Episodes 6.07 “Nebraska” and 6.08 “Sin of Omission”, and I’m ready to give you all a sneak peek. I asked my readers to send me questions and you delivered. Here’s a sneak peek of the next two episodes. Warning: In case you still don’t know, spoilers are ahead. Click the link below to read more...

Q: We know he appears in episode 6.07, but will Brian Moser be in episode 6.08? Will he be staying for the rest of the season?
A: Instead of answering straight-up ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. If I were to say that Brian Moser only appears in episode 6.07, it would be a huge disappointment, right? Why bother bringing him back for only one episode?

Q: Does the Jonah storyline in episode 6.07 have any fallout in episode 6.08?
A: As you know from the previews for episode 6.07, Jonah is back as he is suspected of being the Trinity Killer. This leads to Dexter (and Brother Brian) heading to Nebraska.

Episode 6.08, Dexter is back in Miami and the focus returns on The Doomsday Killer. However, he will have to deal with Debra, who is pissed off. Not only he disappeared for a week, but she doesn’t know where he went. That’s pretty much the fallout: angry Debra.

Q: How much more will we see of Deb’s therapist?
A: Episode 6.08, Debra sees her therapist, who can see that she is frustrated. Deb complains that Dexter is “too closed” (brings up him being gone for a week), which leads to the therapist to suggest that she should be more attentive of his feelings. More attentive of Dexter? Uh oh….

Q: Any indication of Deb starting to finding out FOR GOOD about Dexter?
A: Debra becomes very needy as she feels Dexter is pushing her aside. Things do get tense when Deb catches Dexter in a lie about his whereabouts during Episode 6.07. Will a needy and angry Deb lead to more? We’ll see.

Q: Will there be any OFFICIAL indication that Gellar is or isn’t Travis’ imagination?
A: There is no definite reveal or answer. However stuff does happen in Episode 6.08 which would lead us to believe that Gellar is real. But that could very well be a smoke-screen. So they are trying to make us think he’s real, but there’s no definite answer. Quite honestly I think they need to reveal it YESTERDAY. This has dragged too long. The “reveal” won’t even be shocking either way since we saw it coming miles away.

Other small spoilers:

- A minor character is killed off.
- Dexter attends Brother Sam’s funeral and receives a gift.
- Batista does NOT like his sister dating the Vince’s intern. An awkward dinner ensues.
- Laguerta continues her journey into becoming the most hated character on TV, at Deb’s expense. What is she up to? Hmmm.
- Vince and Quinn go to a strip-club. Uh oh…
- “Butt-Fuck Ville” – Deb on Nebraska
- Dexter confesses his sins to a priest, but will it matter?


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  1. I wonder who the potentially hot chick is in the photo =O

  2. I was scrolling and reading only one sentence at a time, in case I stumbled across something I didn't want to know. Actually, none of it was all that...spoilery(?), because it's no more than I have already considered, while thinking about the coming weeks. Interesting information, nonetheless.

  3. omg its lumen i knew it she is back im so excited lumen lumen lumen

  4. That girl is way hotter than Julia Stiles. It's not Lumen. LOL

  5. So . . . Brian will be returning?

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