Dexter - Episode 6.09 - Short Synopsis

Click the link below to read a short synopsis about episode 6.09 (Spoilery). The episode airs on November 27th...

Episode 6.09 "Get Gellar": Dexter receives help from an unexpected source while hunting for the Doomsday Killers and trying to stay a step ahead of the Homicide Division. Meanwhile, Debra's visits to her therapist uncover something surprising.

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  1. Spoilery ? Maybe Spoilers ? :D :X Is it website by polish guy ? ;p

  2. Must say, I'm really enjoying the latest season and the religious symbolism. I too think it is highly likely that Geller is Travis' 'imaginery' dark passenger but think they are doing a good job of keeping everyone guessing. Find myself deliberately looking for 'clues' in the episodes to prove this theory. Don't find it boring at all Rob.
    Good suspenseful tv viewing I say! DEXTER RULES!! Can't wait for next two seasons.

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