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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dexter - Episode 6.09 “Get Gellar” - Sneak Peek #2

"Bowls of Wrath". Click the link below to see the second sneak peek of next week's episode of Dexter, 6.09 "Get Gellar"!

Video Source: SpoilerTV


  1. The First 5 California ad is annoying and likes to hijack you to a different site. Thanks Dexter Blog, NOT!

  2. People wanna see Dexter be find out, as much as we all love that character half of the fun is to gauge and watch everyones reaction to the other characters finding out who he has been this whole time, behind everyones back. LIke in Season Two with the Bay Harbor Butcher, Him and Doakes' converstions at the last two episodes i have to say are some of my favorite Doakes to Dexter: Your the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter: Surprise! I miss the old cocky Dexter who knew he was less than human but was ok with it, i miss his inner dialouge. It has been Dexter getting closer to being more human and getting more feelings and carring more, and less about his Passanger and his need to kill! That'z what drew me into the charcacter; the look inside the mind of Serial Killer, a character who wasn't governed by his relationships with the other characters but by his need to kill and hunt and keep his identity a secret. What the hell happened to that show....

  3. Actually he was guided by his relationships to other characters, old Dexter actually did give a crap about his sister and NEVER would have hurt her like he did this past episode. It was his need to try to be human, the pinocchio story that was so compelling, and that despite the fact that he was a monster, he wanted to be the good guy and he did good things. He actually helped his sister ever chance he got, he was smarter than the bad guys, smarter than everyone. Deb relied on him.

    Now, he is less likeable because he is a total jerk to Deb, and just as bad as that is, he has become "not as smart" as the bad guys he is facing. He is incapable and incompetent, bordering on "flat out stupid" and now its only sheer luck and bad writing that enable him to get away with anything at all. Deb is the freaking genius compared to Dexter. What scares me most is that Michael C. Hall's acting is starting to slip at times. I don't know whether it's out of frustration or plain boredom. The writers have put him in a corner. We have really hit the point where the Dexter character is becoming unlikeable and the show only worked because he was the likeable sociopath. The hero of the show now is Deb. Basically Jennifer Carpenter is carrying everything on her back these last few episodes. The writers really need to get their act together.

  4. What the hell are you talking about? Dexter always ignored Debra when she tries to get close to him. He did the same with Rita and everyone around him except for Harry and, of course, Brian. He's always been like that and he ever will be. And Debra is the hero of the show? What kind of drugs are you in? This is - by far - the most stupid and ridiculous comment that i've ever read on this blog. Keep >your< shit together,mate.

  5. 8:35: Actually he's had some very sweet and thoughtful moments with Deb. In a flashback he gave his sister the can that she shot when she got in trouble. He tipped her off to the location of hospital to make her look good and give her a bump in her career. After some settling in difficulties he made it clear that she could stay in his apartment as long as possible when she was going through a tough time. He's confided in her that he doesn't feel human. He comforted her after Lundy's death in the parking lot. Except for a few instances when he needed to undermine her confidence to throw her off his trail he's mostly been a cheerleader when she needed bucking up.

    This season he's run out on her when she needed his help with DDK, didn't show up to her house warming party which was meant to reconnect her with the department. He's been alternately satisfied and absent when her troubles with Quinn erupted. And, while this isn't entirely Dexter's fault, his home has not been particularly welcoming. Mostly she's just been criticized for cursing around Harrison and leaving crime scene photos laying around.

    In part it's because this season has been the hardest on Deb (have we seen her happy at all this entire time), but Dexter's been particularly unavailable to her in her time of need this time around.

  6. In previous seasons, yes, he's been a support system for Deb. But Dexter never relied on her for support. He's always been the brother to lean onto, like Deb has said consistently throughout the series. Dexter relied on himself, Harry, or Rita. In Season 5, he had Lumen. This season he has nobody. He had Brother Sam for a little bit but he died. Brian came in for an episode and now he's gone. Harry is still there but otherwise there's no one he can talk to. He's been extra selfish this season. But he can't talk to Deb because he can't relate to Deb. She's never been a support system for him. He's not used to it, and is definitely afraid of her ever seeing the darkness in him. The more he feels it inside himself the more he pushes her away for her own safety.

  7. First of all, I am not your "mate", so show me some curtsey and respect. Be civil. This is not a place to randomly flame people you disagree with, you have an opinion, prove it... no name calling. You can't back up what you say, because it's simply not there, like the above poster pointed out. Dexter has always been there for her, except when he can't be. His behavior this season is wildly inconsistent with who he is. Pilot episode "If I ever could have feelings, I would have them for Deb" That's Deep Down Dexter Doctrine Dude, that's the opening of the whole premise for the show, so don't tell me what I need to get together. Don't insult me because you can't handle my opinion. I have watched every episode of Dexter at least five times through, except for season 5 where it started to come apart, and even then, there are some brilliant episodes like "Teenage Wasteland" - if you think about it, all the best episodes of Dexter are about his connections to people. This is "irony" the whole irony of the show, is that he is who he is, yet he is good for the people around him. Dexter Morgan is a paradox, a paradox can exist, they don't have to be moralized or broken down, or disproved, they just "are". This is life, this is art.

    In season one, episode three Harry tells Dexter "When you feel yourself slipping, lean on your sister, she will keep you connected"

    This is foreshadowing that when he starts to go off the deep end, it is Deb who can pull him back. It was such a huge moment, and I have watched that scene at least a dozen times. One thing a work of fiction, whether it be a movie, a show, or a novel, can never afford to do, is to contradict it's formative narrative.

    Once that happens the whole house of cards crumbles. Seriously, I worry that the writers have been affected by the random crazies out there who have killed and blamed it on this show, so now they feel the need to moralize and prove to us that "Dexter is doing wrong, and there must be consequences" - so now the show is twisting itself in a circle, taking religion and morality all too serious, instead of focusing on what it is, an absurd crime thriller with a generous portion of dark comedy. The comedy and moments of brevity have been too few and far between lately. The show is taking itself far too seriously. Like they have to tell us it's not ok to murder criminals. Ok we get that! We aren't really that stupid, so stop preaching and give us a good story. If they REALLY believe that they are setting a bad example, then they should stop filming the show and take it off the shelves, don't ruin it by trying to "teach us a lesson" after all these years.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind if Dexter never gets caught, quite a few serial killers do not, and Dexter is supposed to be one of the smartest. Maybe we get back to telling a story. Maybe next season they should go back to filming around Miami again to get their mojo back. Or if they can't do that, go back and watch season one again so they actually get the premise of the show.

  8. 1:42: That's a good point about the humor. That's always been a big part of the show's charm. This has been the least funny season thus far.

  9. The world could use a real life Dexter now. He might have trouble getting a visa to Iran however.

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