Dexter - Episode 6.09 “Get Gellar” - [Open Thread]

Official Synopsis: Dexter receives help from an unexpected source while hunting the Doomsday Killers and staying one step ahead of Homicide; Debra discovers something new about herself in therapy.

Written by: Karen Campbell
Directed by: Seith Mann

Tell us your thoughts about last night's episode of Dexter. What was your favorite scene and what did you think of the final scene's twist. Tell us your opinion in the comment section!

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  1. how did dexter figure out that gellar had been dead all along when he saw him on campus

  2. Honestly it was AWESOME. Loved the final scene. sooooooo fucking creepy!!!!

  3. @11:26 because he works in forensics... he said he looked a long time dead.

  4. Dexter didn't see Gellar on campus, Travis did. Never once did anyone interact with Gellar other than Travis.

  5. Does anyone else think that Louis could have something to do with the DDK killings? Twice now (once with the four horsemen, and once with the bowls of wrath) Dexter has alluded that DDK is taking notes out of his brother’s playbook. We now know that Louis could either have a collector’s eye for serial murderer artifacts, or there is more to him. Which leads me to question the real motives for Louis to be an intern in homicide. Doing research for your new game is a lame excuse and even more lame for Masuka to take him on. I mean, sure, he’s been helpful with the “techy” stuff…but I feel like there is more to it. Not to mention that he idolizes Dexter..AND is the search engine he suggested to Dexter a legit search engine, or one that Louis developed to track Dexter’s keystrokes? Does Louis know who/what Dexter really is?

  6. The Louis reveal was the most shocking scene of all...can't wait to see where thats going. i'm over this DDk stuff.

  7. Great episode, can't wait for 6x10

  8. im not sure about Louis having anything to do with DDK but its definitely leading somewhere with Brian's prosthetic now in Louis' possession. Personally i think Louis is just a creepy dude who's obsessed with all things homicidal not that he'd actually act on it. i think maybe he'll discover dexter and be fascinated and keep it between them. we'll see

  9. cant wait till the last episode electric chair sounds like someone may be getting killed or deb will find out about dexter

  10. my daughter has been saying for many episodes that gellar was travis' 'dark passenger' and of course, Dex has not 'seen' gellar at all, he has seen travis and last night, travis said he saw gellar on campus. totally great episode!!!

  11. oh and...yeah, i think Masukas tech is deep into something creepy, he has the stolen and auctioned hand from the ice truck killer...did he get it back or was he the one bidding and won? since they chose to let us see that, I think there is something else good in the works.

  12. The bowls of wrath scene/tableaux was sick nasty! Whoa. It kind of reminded me of the 'Carrie' blood bath scene, alittle homage? I agree to the Louis, looky what I have here scene was shocking for me as well. Why is it always those nice/quiet ppl that have a dark and creepy side!? Hmmm, what is up Louis sleeve?

  13. Oh yea, Anonymous 2:14pm-They changed the title of the last episode. (IDK) Its kinda of a Spoiler? but you can go the the Episode Guide on this blog and check it out! I like the change.

  14. oh right did'nt see that thanks neatmonster

  15. I think a lot of people are on the same and right path. Almost like The Sixth Sense, Geller never had any real interaction with anyone except Travis. Dexter would always just miss him. The writers last night after the show explained everything pretty well. Comparing Dexter and Travis's Dark Passenger, Dexter knows Harry isnt real and that he is most of the time a voice of reason; Geller though, Travis believes IS real and is evil. Masuka's lab tech is starting to get creepy; my wife even metioned about a possible DDK connection, but how, if any, we all have to wait and see./RC

  16. Seriously now, WHO did Dexter see while he was waiting in the car with Travis outside the university building??? I don't get it. Travis said sth like "Here comes Gellar!" and Dexter immediately goes after Travis' ghost / dark passenger!

    Anyone? Please shed some light on this!

  17. 5:56: He had his eyes closed and Travis noticed Gellar. Dexter never saw him go into the building.

  18. Right Anonymous 6:43 .....Dexter just took Travis at his word that Gellar was there and about to enter the University building. Boy that Travis guy has some serious schizophrenia going on huh? TBH when I first heard that Colin Hanks was going to star in this season, I was a little iffy about it, but he has been incredible in every episode. I think Dexter is the best thing he has ever been in. But I should have known by now that the execs and writers know wtf they are doing. When I first heard that Jon Lithgow was going to play a serial killer in season 4, I was like WHAT!!??!?! And that turned into pure gold, so. I think season 6 is the best season thus far, even better than S4. I think Scott Buck is doing a wonderful job and I am really looking forward to seeing what he does with the next 2 seasons. Yet another awesome season 6 episode. Ready for Ricochet Rabbit. Hail Darkly dreaming Dearly Devoted Deeply Disturbed Demented Daddy Dexter.

  19. Hopefully they wrap up the DDK stuff in the next episode, leaving 2 episodes for whatever big twist it is they're planning.

  20. pff what a bad and obvious ending. I surely hoped they wouldn't do this old 6th sence trick, but there it is. Saw it comming from a mile away. Kind of dissapointed about it. I believe there evem was a poll on this website around ep. 3 where one of the options was: gellar has been dead all along and is travis his dark passenger. When people start suspecting it from ep.3 and it turn out to be true then that's just plain bad writing. I really hope there will be a nice twist towards the end because else this season will be a big failure for me.

  21. I don't want to question anyone's intelligence so I will rack up the whole not getting that Gellar was imaginary thing to short attention spans. They were probably texting on their cell phones or talking while they watched the show.

    This is also why they are so convinced that Deb would just go crazy and hunt Dexter down if she finds out.

    Because they were too busy texting or talking through the past SIX YEARS as Debra has repeated "I love Dexter" "He is my whole life" "He is my rock" "He is the only one I can count on" and on and on and on about five hundred million times.

    Or how in "Popping Cherry" Harry actually vocalizes to Dexter than if things to bad, he can count on Deb.

    Or how Deb has been getting more violent and badass the last few years, killing a man and vocalizing "he deserved it" and letting vigilantes go.

    Of course, all that foreshadowing, which was overdone, wasn't quite heavy enough for the audience, because the people who were texting and talking missed it all and they still think that somehow Debra is going to just randomly shed her skin and turn her brother in, or "hunt him like Doakes"

    Because, yea that would make sense after all this time.

    We can just ignore all that has happened and be "shocked" when Debra finds out and accepts Dexter killing people, kinda like how shocking it was to find Gellar in the freezer.

    "omg really?"


  22. What i don't understand is that when batista and debra interviewed Holly "The Whore of Babylon" she said that there were 2 voices, one pouring the blood in her mouth (Gellar) and the other saying im sorry, im soo sorry (Travis) and that would imply that Gellar was alive at that time. Therefore I think travis killed gellar when he used travis' sister for the new "whore"

  23. I think Louis is going to try to kill Deb to be like the Ice Truck killer. I also think he might succeed and that is the shocking ending.

  24. guitarkid

    I saw an interview with Jennifer Carpenter today. She was being showered with praise, not only for her role on Dexter, but her major roles in upcoming movies. People are talking Emmy. Her career is on the rise, she is moving towards A list status.

    So yea, they should probably write her off the show and lose about 1 million viewers.

    After they've done that, they might realize that, we could get rid of our OTHER lead too! And kill off Dexter in the last scene of next season as the surprise shocking ending!

    Then they can do season 8 with just supporting cast characters and no lead actor or actress so they go out with the lowest ratings ever.


    That's how it's going to go down.

    I like your way of thinking!

  25. Gellar was real all this time & just killed off. He will be the imaginary dark passenger from now on!

  26. 11:53: She could WANT off the show. It would make sense that it's hard for her to work with MCH and they've just been saying it isn't to put a good face on it. I wouldn't be surprised if she went to them and said she only wanted to do one more season and so they are going to find a way to write her off.

  27. Not even going to remotely discuss the person lives of actors. Bye to that. F()&*)*@ fishbowl society can suck off, their business is their own, and if they say "we still love each other, we are good" that's all I need to hear. It's their biz man.

    I just see it this way.

    When all else fails, the two things you take away from this show: Dexter Kills, Deb Curses

    Can't get rid of either of those things and have a show called "Dexter" just doesn't fly.

  28. Anonymous Nov.28 8:20pm
    I don't want to question your intelligence so I'll go with maybe you suffer from short attention span. I thought this was an open thread "about last night's episode of Dexter. What was your favorite scene and what did you think of the final scene's twist." NOT about bashing fans just b/c they were surprised or shocked with the Gellar reveal and you werent thread. Are you a fan of Dexter? Your comments read of a tired critic or wait, you must be a Master Jedi/Dexi who knows all. You have all of Dexters sub-major plots down, story arcs, and of course foreshadow. Just b/c you get it and are disappointed doesn't mean others are. And it sure doesn't make you a greater person and others lesser. Remember its a TV Show, a form of Entertainment. Have fun, if you dont like it ok, fine. But let others have their fun and be shocked.

    *smirks and wink*

    So, another favorite scene for me was Dexters phone call and his impression of a student wanting to meet up with Prof Trent. Was Dex trying to sound like a jock? Idk but it was hilarious, he even added body movements, side to side-haha. He has been pretty animated this season, love it.

  29. Anon at 1:04 pm

    *woosh* What I am saying went right by you.

    I was not bashing the episode at all. I was merely pointing out that the writers weren't TRYING to "fool" the audience as so many people seem to think. They wanted us to find out, which is why they wrote in so many clues along the way.

    It's called "foreshadowing".

    So far from being a "tired critic" I am asking for the audience to pay attention to what's being done and why.

    I believe the writers are very clever, and that they are using this entire plot to resolve issues between Dexter and Deb. The example of Travis killing his own sister, when Dexter has time to sit down and consider it, will be a shock to his system. It will force him to examine just how important Deb is to him and what his life would be like without her.

    This is laying the groundwork for Deb to find out and for Dexter to let her in all the way. That is what I believe the writers are doing.

    Am I being sarcastic? Yes, but it's deliberate. I would rather use humor to address my exasperation with all the complaining and lack of understanding, than fly off the handle and behave like a jerk, and insult or accuse everyone before I even understand what they are talking about.

    Like what you just did to me...

    Capicé? ;)

  30. Well said Anon-1:41...

    I'm with you. I love Dexter...I love the writing. I love the controversy that comes from these forums as people try to guess what's going to happen next. If that isn't the result of a good TV show, I dont' know what is.

    In fact, I couldn't agree more with you saying that the writers are incredibly clever. For those that literally book off their Sunday nights to watch this show and enjoy conversing about it the next day with a fellow die hard, we 100% saw that Gellar was in Travis' head and have every faith in the writers that they will provide us with a huge "bomb drop" in the final couple episodes. For those that enjoy watching Dexter at face value, and rarely think about it past the hour a week, awesome...every slight twist will keep you captivated. The writers are able to apease both ends of the spectrum.

    Point being...some people (myself included), get overtaken by this show every year and test ourselves to see if we're as clever as the writers. It's an addicting challenge!

  31. first of all since gellar showed up there was a discussion that he might be travis dark passenger, but them in a interview was told that gellar was real. the fact that no one never interact with him always was a reason to distrust that. the fact that hes dead doesnt surprised me, the important fact is WHEN he died. because if he was dead since the begining travis played dexter like no one else has never done. and if travis killed him in the midle of the murderes there was a evolution of his dark passenger and dexter guide the way. anyway ill be watching next episode with my eyes wide open

  32. I think Louis is a DDK--not Gellar. I think Louis killed Prof. Casey and left the note in blood in Travis's room. He took the internship at Miami Metro to manipulate the information he's providing Deb, etc., to protect himself.

  33. First of all, I love the show. Secondly, I saw this "twist" coming from a mile away. It wasn't shocking at all. I do, however, have great hopes about the rest of the season. Louis (the intern) is going to be involved HEAVILY. I also believe that Deb's pychiatrist is involved. She may be a victim but is involved. Her face was in the last painting looking down on the suffering people. I've watched the previews of the next episode closely. Just after she asks Deb if Dexter is her "safe place" her face is in a close-up. It suddenly shows the painting very quickly and it's her face on it. Also, the intern got Dexter to use a different search engine so he could have been tracking Dexters cpu usage. He's been in Dexters apartment and work space. Somehow he got the ITK hand after the blonde intern stole it and HASN'T BEEN SEEN OR HEARD SINCE. Think of all the little things they threw in for no obvious reason (search engine is a prime example) other than to tie things up later. They are also obviously drawing parallels between Travis and Dexter. They both have "dark passengers" that only they see and converse with, they both have no one other than their sister, the sister sees them as distant and so on. By dealing with Travis, Dexter is resolving his own issues.
    I will say that the writing has gotten a bit sloppy though. It seems like the devices to get from one seen to another are stupid. Dexter having a pen from the Hotel in Nebraska (where he killed a guy) just laying in his bag? C'mon! He never would've been so dumb before.

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