Dexter - Episode 6.07 "Nebraska" - Review

Dexter “Nebraska” Season 6 Episode 7 Review, by – After last week’s “What in the world?” ending, this was the most excited I’ve been for a Dexter episode all season. I personally believe that season one of Dexter is just about a perfect season of television, so to have the main villain of that season return in such a major role makes me very excited.

One of the biggest questions I had after last week was what capacity Brian Moser would play in the show. Would he be an evil Harry, convincing Dexter to go against his code and kill at random? Or would he be something else entirely? Well we find out in just about the first scene of “Nebraska” what the deal is. It looks like Brian is, in fact, going to be some kind of devil-on-the-shoulder to the already devilish Dexter. Calling him an “Evil Harry” is sort of selling him short, as he seems to be much more persistent of a projection as Harry ever was. Seeing him sitting next to Dexter during the entire road trip down to Nebraska was interesting, and you can’t help feeling a bit happy for Dex for having his brother back. Read more after the jump below...

So what are Dexter and Brian going to Nebraska for? Well, that’s the other awesome part of this episode! Deb told Dexter that Trinity is back, and that he’s killed his wife and daughter. Dexter, knowing that Trinity is dead, immediately suspects that Trinity’s son is the culprit and decides to take the 30 hour trip down to Nebraska to investigate.

The trip down to Nebraska was an interesting sequence, and gave us an opportunity to see a different side of Dexter. Even though we’ve seen a road trip episode of sorts in season two between Dexter and Lyla as they went to find Dexter’s mom’s killer, this was definitely a different kind of road trip. From having a quickie with a cute clerk at a gas station to driving 100 miles per hour and shooting out the window, it’s clear that Brian has an incredibly bad influence on Dexter. While I’m definitely enjoying Brian’s new role on the show, I’m hoping Dexter wises up soon and stops breaking all of his rules. While we obviously like to see Dexter do bad things, we don’t like him to be that bad.

It’s a bit disappointing that the “Big bad” of the season, the Doomsday Killer, is the least interesting part of the episode these days. Deb and the rest of the crew at Miami Metro is plugging along with their new witness, Holly, who was released by Travis last week. Meanwhile, Travis and Professor Gellar are off having the same discussions about being chosen by God and having a purpose that we’ve seen for the last couple episodes. The most interesting line from this part of the episode was Holly describing that the professor put his knee on her back while Travis poured blood in her mouth. This was only interesting to me because she’s making it sound like Travis and Gellar are two different people, when we’ve had a lot of evidence to the contrary. I hope we get a little more progression on this story, as it’s starting to get a little tiresome.

Speaking of tiresome, we get even more about the Deb and Quinn romance. It looks like we’re getting some closure here, as they have a conversation about their relationship being over. We see Louis and Jamie having their first date together, and the first look at Louis’ video game. I like this couple! Let’s see more of them!

In the end, it looks like Dexter said goodbye to his big brother. I hope Brian becomes a recurring character on the show, since it’s fun to see Dexter cut loose every once in a while. I’m interested to see if we’ll get some real interaction between Dexter and the Doomsday guys sometime soon, as the show feels a bit disjointed when Dexter is completely separated from the villains of the show.

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  1. I thought for sure this was going to be a gruesome revengful Jonah torture opportunity. But this darkness he grasps through denial of 'light' will become undeniable as he kills his monsterous doubt mongers. GO DEXTER! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK MICHAEL, THIS IS TOUR YEAR OF THE EMMY

  2. Agreed Rob. The writing has really become horrific the last two years. I still love the show, but its getting stale

  3. I thought this was a "big" episode! Dexter commenting how he felt "found" having Brian back was great and creepy. Remember, this show is about the everyday life of a serial-killer and now he is trying to live out his dark passion, while being a father. I think the writing for this season has been great. Everyone (characters) is having difficulty 'moving forward' and thats a reality in life. I love the how writers are showing this thru the caracters we love (ok that I love). Deb is struggleing being the new LT, she loved being a detective. Quinn cant move on without Deb. Batista is stuck in his midlife crisis but still an effective detective! Travis is also in this battle. And Dexter, is fighting and understanding that he can finally have some victory over his Dark Passenger (maybe not all the time haha)! I am loving every minute of this season.

  4. Concur with the mildly disappointed comments. Travis and Gellar have been having different versions of the same conversation for several episodes. Dexter seems almost uninterested in DDK like it's paperwork that he needs to get to after he deals with other things. Those two things make getting into DDK difficult. I know it's a difficult time for Deb but I kind of miss seeing her be amazing. We've also heard her say some version of "this is job is hard" or "I don't know what I'm doing" a half a dozen times. That is starting to feel tiresome.

    But Brain being back was great. I'd love to see him keep popping up and tempting Dexter toward the dark side.

  5. Also I love the morally fraught universe Dexter puts us in where a SERIAL KILLER isn't already on the dark side. A credit to the whole show that we want Dexter to put a good serial killer. I have to keep reminding me that in real life I would want Dexter caught and sent to jail for the rest of his life.

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