Desmond Harrington Joins the Cast of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Via Filming has officially wrapped on the third Batman. An extra that was at the filming of the Queensboro bridge scene this past weekend came across the actor, Desmond Harrington. He plays Det. Joseph Quinn. on Showtime's popular television show Dexter. He didn't reveal any other information on the filming, but to say that Desmond was dressed in a Gotham State police officer uniform.

While one of the few eye witnesses of the filming on the bridge tweeted that he saw a scene being filmed over and over again that school children rushing into a school bus. By the way if I was a guessing man, which I am, I'd assume that this scene has something to do with Joseph Gordon Levitt's character. He was scene in Pittsburgh filming scenes ushering children onto a yellow school bus. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012.

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  1. excellent! was very impressed with his performance in Nebraska even though he was hardly in it.

  2. Good for him, used to dislike him but he won me over. Let's see if Laguerta can do that aswell. :D

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