POLL: What Did You Think of Dexter Episode 6.04 "A Horse of A Different Color"?

What did you think of the 4th episode of season 6, "A Horse of A Different Color"? Vote below!

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  1. Has a big bad ever been identified so quickly? They got the prof after a few hours of asking around and GOOGLING! And then Dexter called "that creepy guy hanging around crime scene."

  2. Also, not to step on the toes of the summarizer but it basically boiled down to...

    Deb is scared her press conference won't go well and then that it didn't go well, but it turned out fine.

    Dexter is sacred about his son while he is in surgery, but he turned out fine.

    Miami Metro learns what we already know: the murders are religiously inspired.

    The season six big bads are the most easily identifiable killers in history. You just need to know how to use google and spot Colin Hanks in a crowd.

    Also Quinn and Batista are lightweights. A joint between them and they looked way too blitzed.

  3. It was an awesome episode, but I didn't like the fact that Batista and Quinn have now become the classical couple of pathetic, silly dumbasses, one fat and one skinny, you see in every cartoon. Especially Quinn. Why would he be a jerk toward Mike? It's not like he's Deb's new boyfriend. And since when is he so silly?

    Everything else was great, though and although I had some doubts after the last episodes,this season is definitely shaping up into an awesome one.

  4. To those who are complaining about how easily the Doomsday Killers got identified, let's not forget that Dexter have always been good at understanding other killers, so only him noticing Travis is not a plothole IMHO. Remember when he saw ITK the first time? He just sam an ice truck and he kind of knew he was his killer. Besides, Lundy, when he looked at Trinity Killer the first time, knew right away that he was the killer and nobody found it weird.
    When it comes to Mike googling Gellar, it was just a way to show Quinn/Batista having the upper hand once, given that they knew more about him and had actual proof.

  5. Not bad but still very little drama. We still know more than that characters do which I think doesn't produce very much tension.

    Dexter thinks Harrison could be in danger but we know he really won't be. The team didn't learn anything about the killers that we didn't already know so the investigation hasn't furthered the plot for us at all. They are basically playing catch-up.

    And to the earlier point in the other seasons there's been a much more elaborate chase from victims found to killers targeted. It's weird that they've got Geller in a single day.

  6. They may have found Gellar - which wouldn't be hard as many religious nuts like to preach to the internet (the most recent of which is Harold Camping), but they don't know about Travis.

    I don't think Dexter let it slip that he knows there are 2 people doing the killings. I'll have to watch the episode again but I think he kept that to himself. No one else noticed Travis, but Dexter knows other killers when he sees them.

    So now you have Miami Metro going after Gellar, who will be hard to find unless they release his picture and info to the press, and Dexter going after Travis.

    Part of me has a suspicion that the "big bads" will be wrapped up by the 9th or 10th episode leaving us 2 episodes for the "game changer" they've hinted at that ends the season.

    We shall see.

  7. i think finding Gellar,but then catching him, is a different story. this season is awesome, much better than 5 and approaching as good as 1! also, brother sam is awesome and everything is working how it should.

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