Jennifer Carpenter: "Michael C. Hall Is And Always Will Be One of My Best Friends in The World" [VIDEO]

Via E! Jennifer Carpenter is on her way to a weekend bender! And it's the best of all kinds for TV fans. "I'm working on The Good Wife and we're working a 'Fraturday,'" she tells us of her guest stint opposite Michael J. Fox. "Which means you start work Friday and don't get off til the crack of dawn Saturday morning." Good times! But before that, we caught up with J.Carp to ask about that other awesome show she's on, Showtime's Dexter, to find out if Deb knows Dex's secret, and what it's like working with that other middle-initialed Michael, her ex-husband Michael C. Hall. Read more after the jump...

See what Jennifer has to say about Dexter, her ex-hubby and being the queen of the F-bomb in the video clip below...


E!Online met Jennifer as she shot a fashion feature for the site Stylecaster, and she told us she still looks forward to going to work on Dexter. "I'm grateful that it is successful," she explains. "Because, you know, six years in and to still be challenged by the work and proud of the work is quite an accomplishment. It's largely in part to our writers.

They are all powerhouses and sick in the greatest way!" Despite filing for divorce late last year from Dexter star Michael C. Hall, Jennifer tells us the pair remain close while working together on the show. "Has it changed anything? Yes," she says of their time on the set. "[But] I mean, he is and always will be one of my best friends in the world. And just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love isn't still there. We take very good care of each other and our cast, we always have, and I'm just really lucky." (Told ya she's crush-worthy. Gotta love that positivity!)

As for the seasons-long question Dexter fans are always wanting to know—whether Deb (Jennifer) will find out her brother Dexter is a serial killer—Jennifer tells us, "Just between us, I think that [Deb] has always suspected something dark, sort of like a dark undercurrent with him. There are just too many gaping holes with his schedule with how he connects and disconnects from her and other people. So I don't think that she would say that 'He must wrap people in plastic, and drive knives through their ribcage.' You know?...I don't think it's quite cut and dry like that for her, but there is always a suspicion, and I feel like...I've always been right there with you the audience."

Jennifer also revealed her own personal deepest, darkest secret, and we'll let you be the judge on whether it's worse than Dex's.

 "I watch [Jersey Shore] at the gym. I'm not going to lie. Yeah, I'm a fan, it's entertaining to sort of turn your brain off. It's like probably getting into the car with a drunk driver or something. [Laughs.] But you're safe, you're in the confines of your home or your gym."

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  1. Its funny that she was referred to as J Carp. My name is Richard Carpenter and when I was in high school in the 70s/80s, people never called me by my first name.. they always said "Hey Carp" -- cool that she is also from Kentucky, just a few counties away from where my Carpenter ancestors lived for 125 years - who knows, we might be kinfolk. Shes got a great personality (not as Deb) and no doubt a KY Woman!

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