Dexter - Episode 6.05 "The Angel of Death" - [Open Thread]

Official Synopsis: With the help of his newfound friend Brother Sam, Dexter wonders if there is light within him to counter the darkness, while the search for the Doomsday Killers takes him in a new direction; Batista and Quinn pay a visit to the university where Professor Gellar taught; due to departmental regulations following the shooting, Debra is forced to begin therapy.

Written By: Scott Reynolds
Directed By: S.J. Clarkson

Episode 6.05 "The Angel of Death" was the second consecutive kill-free episode but it was very satisfying. Tell us your opinion about last night's episode of Dexter in the comment section below!

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  1. It was really great! PLease God don't let Brother Sam die!

  2. Why does Dexter just let Travis go without forcing him to take him to Gellar or grabbing his cell phone and doing a little reverse look-up to see if he can track Gellar's location? He was very cavalier about letting him go without extracting more information from him. I assume he had carved out an evening with time for a kill room and a boat trip. He cut it short awful quick.

    Also, it was a little unbelievable that Travis started blabbing about everything immediately. His confession clearly wasn't motivated out of fear so it's hard to see what the motivation was.

    Dexter has been phoning it in this season I think.

  3. Also Brother Sam getting shot got telegraphed really badly. They tell you that there's been another shooting at the garage and then he wistfully says "I hope we can do this again sometime" with Dexter. He was like the WWII solider staring at a picture of his girlfriend talking about how he can't wait to get home. There were neon "I'm about to die" lights going off all around him.

  4. Back seat wire hold! Classic Thrilling Dexter!! Although he is putting his curiosity of Gellar BEFORE the departments ' investigation! DID TRINITY TEACG HIM NOTHING? ??curiosity killed the cat (Rita) come on Dexter, you'd like to interrogated him on your table about his dark passenger's motivations.......but YOU CAnT HAVE IT ALL! !!!! To err is human a monster taught you that


    Heres a link above to the painting, The Angel Of Death

  6. really great come on it was an ok episode by dexters standards at best

  7. brother sam being shot was telegraphed but who shot him week episode is epic it all starts coming together

  8. Anyone who watched this episode and still thinks Gellar is not an actual, flesh and blood character, or some figment of Travis's imagination is a fool. The writers want us to question his existence, and his artistic prowess, the journal, the cup he's drinking from in the bar, and his wanting to stay hidden after seeing his picture on the front page of the news, not to mention him physically interating with Travis and the people moving out of his way on the street, are a big 'tell' that he does indeed exist.

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