Dexter Season 7 - Michael C. Hall is in Talks for New Deal

Via: "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall is in negotiations for a new pact to continue on Showtime's top-rated drama series.
Hall has been in talks with Showtime to renew his deal for several months, as his previous contract expires after the show's upcoming sixth season, which bows Oct. 2.
"Dexter" is a vital property for the CBS-owned pay cabler, which owns the show. It pulls in higher ratings than any other series and has been a strong draw in international markets.
It's unclear how many more seasons the two sides are considering under the new pact or whether the length of the term is a sticking point. Hall is said to be looking for a significant salary bump as well after working under his original contract for the past six seasons. Read more after the jump...

Thesp is believed to have started out in 2006 at a per-episode salary in the high five-figure range, though his paycheck has likely swelled since then. After the second season, Hall was named a co-exec producer on the show, and he was upped to exec producer rank in season four. Once an exec producer, Hall was entitled to share in ancillary income from the show, including DVD sales, merchandising and foreign distribution.
Hall, a Golden Globe winner and four-time Emmy nominee for his role as a conflicted serial killer, brings serious leverage to the table. It would be difficult for the pay cabler to continue the series without him.
Salaries for cable TV stars have been rising in recent years. "Mad Men" topper Jon Hamm set a high bar in June by inking a megabucks new deal with AMC and Lionsgate TV valued at $10 million over three seasons.

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  1. pay him whatever he wants!!

  2. Michael Hall is ONE OF THE Best Actors IN THE WORLD

    Michael You deserve the best

    Dexter wouldnt have been so successful WITHOUT MICHAEL's Acting Abilities

  3. I think a pay increase is in order. Something in the six figure range. Especially if 'Dexter" is going to continue for a few more seasons.

  4. Give him what he wants + charlie sheen's income pr. episode at CBS, during his time in Two and a Half Men in 2010!



  5. Whatever it takes to keep Dexter moving forward. This show is amazing and its due to all the cast but could NOT exist without Michael C. Hall. I love you Michael! Ty for bringing this character to life.

  6. showtime is nothing without this serial killer so keep this addictive show running

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