Dexter Season 6 Premiere - Episode 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things" - Details

28 days! Click the link below to read some details about the forthcoming season 6 premiere episode of Dexter...

According to the season 6 premiere episode of Dexter, 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things" will last 54 minutes.

Cast: Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn, C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka, Lauren Vélez as Lt. Maria LaGuerta, David Zayas as Sgt. Angel Batista, James Remar as Harry Morgan, Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall, Edward James Olmos as Professor Gellar, Brea Grant as Ryan Chambers, Aimee Garcia as Jamie Batista, Billy Brown as Mike Anderson. Guests: Kristen Miller as Trisha Billings, Ingrid Beer as Mindy, John Brotherton as Joe Walker, Turner Dixon as Ben, Eddie J. Fernandez as Omar Rivera, Christopher Frontiero as Peter, Ace Antonio Hall as Football Player.

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  1. I love that picture. The twins (Harrison) are so cute haha.

  2. When the f**k will Showtime reveal more details about Mike Anderson ? We had severals interview with Brea Grant, Colin Hanks, James Olmos, Mos Def but nothing with Billy Brown !

  3. 26 days now! aaaah! I can't stand this! This 'need' for SO6 is overhelming! And look at this picture! What is that, that Harrison keeps in his hands? Is it an ducky-toy? Is it his first attempt to kill something?! By.. drowning it?! Whoa!:D

  4. may i know, where can i get the full cast?

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