Aimee Garcia (Jamie Batista) Teases Dexter's "Biblical, as in Big" Season 6 Plans

Via He's taken on serial killers, his brother, and now, Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) is taking on God.
When Dexter returns on October 2, it is going to be "biblical," Aimee Garcia, the newest addition to the cast, told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively. "This season, you are going to see images and things that are from another time. Literally, it's pretty historic. And it's biblical, as in big," she told us at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation Celebrity Tee-Off on September 12. "I don't know how the producers, the writers keep coming up with this. It's kind of 'Go bigger or go home.' And it's really pushing the envelope." Read more by clicking below...

Aimee joins the cast as Angel Batista's (David Zayas) sexy little sister, whose day job is to watch little Harrison while Dexter is out doing his umm…handy work.

"She's definitely in close quarters with Dexter," Aimee revealed. "This season, Dexter buys a separate apartment for Harrison. Jamie spends the night there a lot, especially if Dexter has to do work. He has his nightly runs, and she is very aware. So we'll see… I think she's a smart gal, so she might start putting two and two together, but for the most part, she really thinks that Dexter is the best dad in the world."

Aimee should thank her lucky stars that Jamie Batista remains oblivious to her boss's extracurricular activities, since it's the only way an actor can find stability on the killer Showtime drama. So rather than hunt down our anti-hero, Aimee's character will focus on the relationship she has with her older brother.

"He goes through some changes this season, and she's very supportive of him. She would go to the ends of the world for her brother," she said. "I feel like they have a very healthy relationship, a very fun relationship, and for those Dexter fans who know the show really well, they know Batista's funny. He actually is not that damaged. And a lot of the characters on Dexter, I feel, are so damaged!"

Speaking of which, this year the very definition of damaged — Dexter Morgan himself — is going on a spiritual journey. "He's been so concerned in the past with not wanting to pass on his dark passenger, but this season he's actually contemplating with spirituality and religion, and trying to figure out what he does want to pass on to his son," Aimee spilled. " I think religion is a very powerful tool, and it could be a huge motivator and a life-changer. It could also be a huge destructive force. What does it mean when a serial killer tries to find faith? It could backfire in a big way."

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