Showtime President: "Storylines From Dexter Season 6 Will Help Set Up Future Life of the Show"

Showtime president David Nevins gave some more hints about the religious-themed upcoming sixth season of Dexter, at TCA 2011 panel. Click the link below to read more...

David Navins: “One of the interesting things about Dexter this year, the killings he’s following — I don’t want to give anything away — but there’s a [Da Vinci Code author] Dan Brown-kind of way to the clues being followed and the story that developments. That story between [the two killers Dexter hunts] has its own mystery to it that’s really cool.”
Critics asked Nevins if Dexter “taking on Jesus” this season will cause outrage among some viewers. “Jesus is not going to be on the show,” he quipped, then admitted the controversy might help ratings.
“It’s good for the business to push into taboo subjects,” Nevins said, “to be taboo to be a little scary. Our shows are not for everybody.”

The Showtime President also said that storyline from Dexter Season 6 will help set up the future of show. Hmm... that means that there will be Dexter Season 7!

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  1. I hope there are many more seasons!

  2. Sounds interesting... I've just seen the latest trailer and it looks great. I hope there are at least 2 or 3 seasons more of Dexter before the show ends.

  3. i hope there will be atleast 9 seasons

  4. Please Jesus, let me wake up tomorrow and the calendar read: Oct 2. THEN I WILL START GOING TO CHURCH.

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